Thread to dunk on/laugh at Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson and other dreadful grifters


Yeah, it rang a bell for me. I was on the Comic Book Resources forum for a while, and there was a Rat King user on there, in homage to this exactly.

Also King Rat by China Mieville riffs on the idea too

And Terry Pratchett’s The Amazing Maurice And His Educated Rodents and Mary Gentle’s (brilliant) Rats & Gargoyles.

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The article is far more balanced then I would have been. I would have used words like “grifting”, “charlatan”, “idiot” and “fucking cunt”. This may be why I don’t get asked to write about this sort of thing.


allegedly, NuCalm’s “neuroacoustic technology” harnesses oscillations, frequencies, and vibrations to change a person’s brain waves

These idiots should just buy a synthesizer, they actually work. Or they do for me anyway.


But does the synthesiser containing a proprietary blend of neuroinhibitory whateveritwas?

It’s so frustrating reading this sort of thing as someone fluent in the language they are butchering. You could spend 20 minutes a sentence tearing it to shreds, just such massively unrelenting bullshit.

That is before you get to the blatant fraud of presenting unpublished and unverified study results from an entirely different product in association with your latest bullshit.

Rage inducing.

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That bit in particular stuck out amongst all the other absolute horseshit.

It really is naked exploitation of vulnerable people. I’ve worked with more than one family who were desperate for a cure for some horrendous disease who have fallen into the clutches of these people. Not this company necessarily, but others with a very very similar line in fake science.

Yes, this targeting of truly desperate people is real lowest of the low grifting.

not so great for anxiety because you have to worry about all these bastards trying to steal your synthesisers


It almost makes selling expensive supplements to Qanon addled basement dwellers seem novel by comparison


Reminds me of these - pro sports people were endorsing them

Loads of people used to wear copper (I think) bangles, possibly with magnets in, back in the 80s/90s. Same sort of bs about rebalancing or somesuch.

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Interested :thinking:

Yes, definitely into this :open_mouth:

I love energy field stuff :grinning:

Oh, it’s actually about sport :frowning:


I thought they were for arthritis?

(Not saying they’re not still 100% snake oil…)

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Could have been but def also got worn by people who thought they demagnetized their blood or something.