Thread to dunk on/laugh at Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson and other dreadful grifters

I thought they were for arthritis?

(Not saying they’re not still 100% snake oil…)

Could have been but def also got worn by people who thought they demagnetized their blood or something.

Yeah… Although in those cases a £4 placebo you buy once is relatively harmless and if it helps… I’m more worried about schysters who set up alternative health clinics and charge people £250 an hour for access to the tech Im trying to suppress because I’m in the pocket of big pharma.

To be fair I like to pull random knowledge from films and stuff too but wouldn’t claim to be a philosopher or charge people money for it.

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Haven’t read the article but presumably they mentioned his last show where he just made up a load of homophobic lies about Obama.

They do. It was the first I’d heard of this. Doesn’t really seem anyone hears much about him anymore. Bit like Katie Hopkins. Amazing how quickly you fade to irrelevance when they finally take the microphone away.


It’s why the right expend so much hot air on the despicable tyranny of no-platforming, they’re aware it works.


Remember when people thought he might be president one day.

It’s just astonishing that it’s so evident to most of us how pathetic these people are, yet being given “the big stage” allows them to appear credible to a large number of people. And as soon as that’s ripped away from them, it’s amazing how quickly they show that this assessment of them was 100% correct.


It’s almost equivalent to giving a fucking moron a posh voice and a nice suit in the UK. People automatically assume they’re making sense. America doesn’t share the British weakness for class, theirs is a weakness for fame and celebrity.


Here it comes…

We’ll see how this pans out. He did a gig yesterday to an adoring crowd, but then he had a vehicle to get him in and out in a hurry, so he’s somewhat under siege. The lines of communication are open now for people to come forward if they feel brave enough now that others are speaking.

Of course, there’s every chance he’ll just be able to continue like nothing happened, after a few weeks of keeping his head down.

Yes and no. Just having an English accent makes you into an assumed super-genius to a shockingly high number of Americans. Maybe not a class thing per se but perhaps a colonial hangover.

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Their media culture defaulting to giving any refined evil guy/expert an RP accent is what’s continuing to give us that edge.