Thread to make bold claims about making music in 2017



I’m gonna figure out a live act which isn’t just twat with acoustic guitar
I’m gonna write a reverby piano ballad which gets better the drunker I get
I’m gonna make a ten minute world prog ambient mind melter


Semi-concept album about fears and contemporary folk devils pal


During a gig by one of my favourite bands I’m gonna have sex in a toilet.
I may or may not be at said gig


The skill is trying to work out which direction ‘twee’ has gone, in 2017.


I’m going to make an album based on the book Dinner At the Homesick Restaurant by Anne Tyler

I’m going to invent a new genre: Music for Tories

I’m going to write the song that makes Israel and Palestine get along

I’m going to make music so big you can see Argentina from it