Thread to offer your 'new Topic starting' for others to bid on



As we know there is a maximum number of Topics (threads) you can start per day. @ma0sm has already fallen victim and I assume the likes of @balonz cannot be far behind.

So here’s where the less garrulous members can offer to start threads (Topics) on behalf of those sorts of members, for some kind of remuneration I guess.


Also, I’m a big fan of how the site reckoned:

Your topic is similar to...

Do you know what my favourite thing to do on this new forum is?
3h - That’s right, it’s clicking on the ‘Create Topic’ button and creating a fresh new thread, why not give it a go yourselves!
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Site Feedback
1h - how much of which stuff do we have to do to learn NEW ABILITIES. like, posting more than three times in one thread? and casting a neat fire spell?


“Who the fuck is 1101010. It’s Theo isn’t it”