Thread where everything you post has to be sarcastic

No chance of someone backhandedly insulting me here then is there?

Insightful stuff, thanks!

now there’s a reply I didn’t anticipate!

This thread is going to go well.

Oh yeah, this thread is soooooo shit isn’t it :roll_eyes:

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potw @AQOS


yeah, i’ll believe that when i see it

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Oh you think so…??

Countdown to home time is really going to fly now we have this thread to entertain us.

I really wish this thread was longer.

wow, this is better than twitter.

this thread has made me ‘lmao’, not once, but twice so far

oh wow, sarcasm is so cool.

which one

oh yeah @JaguarPirate mind holding the fort for a little while longer? :kissing_heart:

lol sorry, thought this was the internal organ thread. I’ve ruined this, i’m soooo sorry


Such an original idea.

Yeah, right.

I think you’re really cool, smee.

Glad I clicked on this thread.

Assume the OP? And sure sure @AQOS

sure, whatever, please tell me more :pleading_face: