Thread you have never been in

I think i have at least accidentally clicked on any thread that sticks around for a while, like cycling, wrestling etc but I have still not been in here and I’m going to do my best to keep it that way:


Not gonna go in that tap water thread, it’ll be all pile on v bundle in there

so many of them



Cycling Thread. I don’t doubt that it’s a great thread for people that like cycling, but I want nothing to do with it.


I’ve been in there. I think you will have read it a few times over the years.

Anything to do with the boring norbert stuff - gaming, horror stories, cycling, etc.


clicked on a football thread once accidentally, but only once

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You must have accidentally clicked on it though. or absent mindedly. It’s always there. I haven’t read any of it but I have definitely been in it.

Oh so you don’t know about the thing?

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All of the film ones

Yeah never read about films on here anymore. Did when it was about specific films but 100s of posts mean it is a no no. Same with the politics.

Sometimes read the horror thread.

you’ve let us all down

It really isn’t.

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that one about nintendos that keeps changing it’s name.

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No dice, trickery man.

friday selfie wank offs. “ooh validate me with your likes”

fuck that narcissistic bullshit.

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I’m getting better at not clicking on Jordan threads (sorry Jordan)

That is the best thread you fool! Apart from when people starting ranking controllers.

The Buying a house thread. I won’t be a tory for at least another 20 years.


Your #1 reply is in one of those threads