Thread you have never been in

impossible mate as I just explained.

And now I have seen it. Great. Cheers maosm…

Apologies, it is I who am confused

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Just loads of definitely independent London types whose parents gave them a pile of cash, really.


Yeah, didn’t want to link it directly since it’s almost lunchtime

No never, if I had then I would have logged off forever

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Then god bless you and long may your good fortune continue.

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I’ll probably start watching the Handmaids Tail in about 3 or 4 years then I’ll bump the thread desperate to talk about it.

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Good luck to you on that. I think I have four episodes left of this season and it is a chore finding nights where we are both up for watching it.

yeah. when threads are like 1k new posts every day i just cba.

not a fan of vague catch all threads.

i should hve kept up to date with the star wars thread. it’s become such a chore to find out everyones opinions.

my advice is read all the threads. in 20 years you might become a cycling goon and there’s going to be a lot of catching up to do.


Anything to do with nfl/baseball/cricket gets muted immediately

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yeahme too but youve got to go in those threads to mute them havent you

This on- oh.

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Oh true. In that case I’ve probably been in every thread.

If you mute a thread does it just disappear? I’ve never muted a thread before.


Exciting. I’m going on a spree now.

Yes senor, go declutter your DiS life.

Any with more than about 200 posts (specifically the beer, gaming, cycling and Love Island ones). A load are things I’d actually be interested in but have already got about 500 posts by the time I notice them.