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How do you like your bananas?

it’s better to eat a banana that’s

  • a big long one
  • a small cute one

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I like 'em

  • green
  • yellow
  • spotty and browning

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In the bin.


I open my bananas

  • by peeling the top like humans do
  • by pinching the bottom like monkeys do

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please don’t buy bananas to put them in the bin, that’s wasteful

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Shouldn’t eat them when they’re green. Will give you a bad tummy.

i really hate when people insist that humans open them ‘the wrong way’ because monkeys open them from the bottom. maybe the monkeys are wrong? we’re supposed to be smarter and monkeys aren’t we? fuck sake.


maybe you can cook them into a cake or something?


best when they’re brown I think

(cooking them into a cake I mean)


nah you want them well ripe for a banana bread.

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people like to be in the know and get a kick out of telling people something new.

Ultimately bananas aren’t that hard to get into…although sometimes you get one where it just won’t budge and you jam your nail in there and it just squishes the banana and they can get fucked

don’t people make banana bread to get rid of their brown bananas usually?

exactly that.

Gros Michel!

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I like eating bananas, I like their taste.


oh yeah i just realised that’s exactly what you meant by well ripe, i’m not functioning properly yet

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I did wonder :smiley:

Don’t really like bananas but I do eat them. Like a kind of medicine.

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I dig it.

I eat a banana every day for breakfast but I don’t think I like it

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