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Yeah same, i dislike nearly all fruit and there are very few vegetables I actually like, so I have to try to compromise on eating stuff I don’t like very much

in their skin and on the shelf. i’m allergic.

Love the taste of banana but hate the texture. Way too mushy for me. Banana bread is a gbob but banana on its own? not for me Clive.

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sorry to hear that fella

You can boil them too. Leave them in the skin, chop both ends off, chuck them in a pan.
I prefer them fried. Depends on the dish, and if you don’t mind smelling like fried plantain.

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I haven’t had banana chips in ages. Want some now

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I’ve tried it raw. It’s fine but taste nothing like bananas

worked with someone years ago who was scared of bananas. People would regularly leave them on his desk. Bit cruel I thought.