Don’t even care I started last nights thread coz



Boring innit

Urgh, can already tell today is going to be total shit.

F was crying for ages last night, didn’t want to feed, finally settled at 2am? E mercifully slept in til 7:45 then said she’d done a poo and had a bit of it in her hand, so a clean up operation was needed. E has then been…very difficult, finally got her downstairs and all she wants to do is watch odl Macdonald songs and the zoo song. We’re also waiting for a delivery, which we waited in all day for yesterday, only to get a message at 6pm saying " oh yeah, there’s been an error, so can’t deliver today, soz" so they’re delivering it today… Between 1:15 and 3:15, so that’s our afternoon fucked.

I feel hungover and not touched a drop of the stuff.

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Going to Tyneham for a wander and some lunch.

Can’t find my leopard jumpsuit so had to go for black. Was going to necklace it up but then remembered this :rofl:


I’m in the office. My boss’s boss is over from Dublin. I’ve got back to back meetings pretty much all day. Bleurgh.

On the flipside though, it’s a lovely sunny day, and conditions look perfect for a sunset SUP later.

I’ve only come to the office to get my nails done and they’ve only gone and cancelled the appointment! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::triumph::rage::angry::triumph::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::angry::rage::triumph:

Got a long meeting at 10, need to write an mail of our proposed site visit schedule to a focus group. Currently listening to Haiku Salut’s back catalogue. What a band.

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back to work after a few days off. Also double work day and evening job later

boy crying interview GIF

Morning all :wave:

Was due to have a lot of meetings today but only have one. Need to get a bunch of long term work started but I need the adrenaline to kick in, or at least set some artificial deadlines

Lads from the removal company are both loudly talking about how much Coke they did at the weekend.
They’ll be getting a tip

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When we moved I was chatting to the two removal lads and said where I worked. Turned out one only ever drank Carling and one was teetotal so I just slipped the 2 cases of beers I’d brought from work back into my fridge and had a very nice time.


Don’t panic, bedwetters, I gave them some cash instead.

New house has got a children’s coat rail.

Obv the dogs coats are going on it


To make my boss redundant, it transpires :exploding_head:

Congratulations on your imminent promotion!


Morning all!

The Child went back to school again today so that’s exciting.

I’m currently at work trying to plan next year’s exam class. Two of the annoying people who share my desk block are having a conversation in French so I’m listening to Iceboy Violet and Noname.

I need to be at a meeting at 10.30 which has spoiled my plans to watch England go out on penalties.

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Parks And Recreation GIF by Stan.

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I wouldn’t want his job. One of my colleagues applied for it when it came up about four years ago, but didn’t get it, so I’m sure he’s already formulating a plan in his head. I like my job which doesn’t have as much responsibility where I can just do short but effective bursts of work every now and then


Eagerly awaitin if i need to be readmitted to hospital or not. Bloods taken. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

If not then i got 5 days off work booked. Meant for arctangent but thats not happening i was wanting to cancel them but honestly i could do with the rest AT HOME if possible

cannot believe that no one has used the term threadensday before on here

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