Threadnesday Evening

Hi all

We made it through til the evening! Work was pretty tough but quite productive in the end. Very happy that the evenings are starting to get longer - even the traffic-stained church on the way home looked nice

Sunset is looking alright too

How are you? Plans? Thoughts?


Back on hospital detail with Noah. He came off oxygen support today. Obviously quoted future while they took his mask off. He loved it.

Gotta feed him in a bit then looking forward to my next microwaveable meal of depression! Should’ve just bought 18 pots of orange melon that’s been the best thing about the food from M&S each day.


that’s a good steeple!

Glad to hear @Fintans_Cat jnr is better.

Going to walk into town in a bit to get vouchers for the restaurant we’re going to for my dad’s birthday. I need to get him something else cause essentially he’s paying for his own and our meal. It’s his 69th (nice) so I don’t want to go overboard this year but anyone got any suggestions on what to get a grumpy older gentleman?


Thank you!

What is he into?

Hope he continues to improve and is home soon x


Still in the office :frowning:

I am one of these, and I like wine, so wine? We got my parents a vineyard day for Christmas where you go on a tour and do a tasting and lunch etc. Maybe something like that if that’s his kind of thing?

Football, golf, being grumpy.

I suppose I could buy him some golf balls.

after missing my first sauce delivery, then going to the sorting office when it was shut then finding out they shut early yesterday too, I organised redelivery to my work for today. no sauce.

just got home to a ‘sorry you were out’ card :sob:

just want some sauce


Evening all!

Monday and Tuesday this week all I’ve wanted to do is read all evening in peace. Tonight the TV is out at band practise and I fancy company and chats :frowning: I think my brain does this on purpose. Feel a bit pathetic tbh.

Roasted pepper, onion and garlic wraps or quesedilla for dinner. Love the softness of wraps but love the melted cheesyness of quesedilla. Tough one.

Shall I have a rum and coke zero?

  • Yes
  • No

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Can’t wait! Wouldn’t have been able to make today after all!

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He’s not that sophisticated. Might get him a car washing kit (to use on my car naturally) that’s more his bag.

Take him to a match? Then you can treat him to a pint and some time with you

Or pay for him to be a mascot for the lolz.



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What area are you in? Is there a nice course you could get him and a mate green fee and lunch at or something?



Well this would have been a great suggestion but I live right next to Patrick Thistle and asked if he wanted to come to a match with me and he said no. (He gets in free to matches in that league via my uncle). He’s basically against paying for not great football but I’m not sure even a free ticket would be much of a treat.

Check it out man, Noah’s got a Wind Fish

Have you seen the Links Awakening remake? Tears of nostalgia at Harlow bus station is so not a good look…