No morning thread? :wave:

Slept awfully but surprisingly awake, probably come crashing down just after lunch. How’s you?

Morning fish and pony.

I’m tired, and feeling really low at the moment. I’ve also had another message from the bank telling me I’m over my limit, and that is a problem. Dreading next month.

Alright Tuna, GP

Had another shocking nights kip. Today shouldn’t be too bad, but mainly as I’m finishing early for the silly long day I did on Monday.

@mistersteve hope things pick up for you two! :frowning:

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For my birthday today, the tv wrapped a bag of cans :heart_eyes:


HB NEBBIE! :beer::tada:

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:kissing_heart: Happy birthday

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Slept terribly but this video on instagram has made me so happy


Morning all!

I managed to locate appropriate work clothes and toiletries this morning and walked to work in ten minutes.

I’ve got a pile of stuff to do for tomorrow and I think I’m interviewing students this afternoon.

Got on the whisky and romeo y julietas with my wife’s uncle last night :grimacing: coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee

Morning all,

Lovely day up here.

Slept pretty well last night, I think that’s got a lot to do with a last min decision to go to see a couple of bands and walked into and then out of town to do so.
Boytoy were excellent so I bought their record.
Acid dad we’re also very good @rich-t but I didn’t buy their record.
Busy wee day ahead!

Happy birthday @nebbie hope you have a lovely day :+1::grinning:

Happy birthday nebster! What’re your plans?

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Happy Birthday!

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Morning all,

Where’s the summer gone?

I’ve been having a stressful week, but today is my Friday, kind of, so hopefully that’ll make things a bit better. Although the Sat Nav didn’t work properly on my drive to work - hopefully that’s not prescient of things to come.


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Happy Birthday @nebbie

Fell asleep at 5:30pm yesterday, awoke for a couple of hours at 7:30pm and then slept right through until 7am. Feel a little lighter of step than usual.

Last day in the office for the best part of a fortnight. So much to do, so little urge to do it.

2-day course in Walsall begins tomorrow, pretty high anxiety about that since I don’t know anyone else on it and massive ‘ICEBREAKER :D’ dread.

Seeing a mentor today at work, starting to plot my next move career-wise.

So, pack and early night tonight. 5:30am start tomorrow.

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Hi everyone and Happy Birthday @nebbie

I made someone happy today! I found a phone at the train station going into work. I was going to hand it in to lost property at Glasgow Central but the person phoned their phone and we have arranged to meet up tonight at the train station to hand it back. They were over the moon!


HB @nebbie! GWS @ghostpony! Good luck later on @anon82218317! Rooting for you @rich-t and Mris. t!

Back in work after being sick yesterday. Bit groggy but I’ll get through the day. GDPR training this morning followed by what should hopefully be a quiet day. TV is tutoring kids later on so I’ll meet her in town after work. In almost total lockdown mode now before Primavera so no plans for this evening.

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hi tunafish

i’m alright, left knee hurts a bit, dunno why

hb @nebbie!!!

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Oooooft. That icebreaker could be well awkward but you’ll get through it!