threads can be about anything- the only limit is your imagination

this thread, for example, is about fizzy drinks

what are you drinking atm? do you have them in your house? I do! !

not sure if it really counts but i’m back in a bit of a kombucha phase. ginger is my jam.

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No I’ll get some soon as need to pop out for milk

what is komucha?

I drink coca cola most days

  • me too

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not much, what’s komucha with you?


I’ve got some sugar free ginger beer in the fridge but it’s not very good because it’s M&S and not Waitrose. Fucking Ocado.

Really pleased I weaned myself off the sugary ones years ago, who knows how many stones that’s saved me.

Sorry to be negative in your thread joke but fizzy drinks are the devil’s piss. All of them. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s not my thing.


Used to. My teeth and I fell out over it around 5 years ago, so I mostly avoid these days.

I like lime and soda


Quite like the odd can of Dr Pepper Dark Berry Devil Piss myself

Also not that fussed about pop. Will drink if there’s some around. Very rarely buy it.

It’s cheaper than the diet Old Jamaica, akshually

I don’t really ever have fizzy drinks in the house. Out of the house I had a Pepsi max recently. Nice

bundaberg ginger devil piss for me, cheers

I like fizzy drinks and I’m fucking cool.

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have also started drinking shandies recently, £2.50 for a six pack, lovely stuff


what actually is it though? i’d not heard of it until last week and now I feel like I see it a million times a day

no i won’t google it

it’s like some sort of fermented yeast drink

sounds more disgusting than it is