Threads loading at bottom of page

As of this morning threads have been loading at the bottom of the page, where the recommended threads section is, instead of the last post you read. It’s a bit annoying, ta. (This is on mobile)


I am also experiencing this, also on mobile (Android/Chrome)


Yeah, me too (another one on android/chrome)


I’m on safari for what it’s worth

Me too - android; chrome

Le chromoi. Reply box has gone screwy too, having to post in firefox like it’s 2004.

Me too on safari

Same issue on chrome mobile iOS

Me too on Safari

Sorry Profk didn’t mean to directly reply to you

@Im_On_Safari but it’s also happening in chrome


Me too - on my phone

Me too in Chrome on a laptop. Sometimes after replying I’m taken down there too.

Me too, android chrome.

Also seems to be having an impact when navigating back through a thread by clicking on the icon for a post that another post is in response to.

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FYI if you didn’t know about this already

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Yeah I know about it but not been on a computer to hunt down if it’s being worked on already sorry

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I’ve not experienced this, but with so many people having the problem across multiple browsers and O/S’s, I thought I’d check the Discourse boards to seeing it was a known issue. The closest I found was this but based on the original symptoms mentioned I don’t think that’s it. There may be another more relevant one there, but having not reproduced the issue myself, I can’t narrow down what the cause is.

It might be related to something a nefarious advert is doing, it’d be interesting to know whether or not the people who have reproduced it were running AdBlock or not.

Similar idea. I don’t have Adblock. Clicking on a notification often takes me several posts away too.

I don’t run ad block and don’t see ads.

I first noticed it a few days before this thread as it taking me to the post below the one that was replying to me or whatever.

Ok this is affecting me too now :cry: