Threads that are on loads of replies (rolling)

and you don’t know why and aren’t going to read them:

stacey solomon

You have moewington and plaznikk banging heads in there.

films/books people have watched/read.

Just imagine there’s a lot of showing off in there

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Legit question for people who hate these threads, would y’all rather folks opened a new thread for discussion on specific books/films once read/watched?

I don’t hate those threads but if it’s a decent film or a film worth talking about then aye, separate thread

otherwise fine. which is kinda what happens anyway. idk not bothered.


I like to look at these now and again so I know what is essential viewing or not.


Don’t hate them, just don’t look at them. Think a standalone thread for certain books films can be worthwhile (I, Daniel Blake would be an obvious choice, for e.g)


Uwe Rosler, in Social.

If it were in Music, I would’ve just assumed it were some awful Scandinavian singer-songwriter.

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if we still had the hover over to read the OP I might know what that one is about. but we do not.


would rather there was a thread purely for new films in the cinema, it’s not interesting to me if somebody caught half of multiplicity on channel 5 or whatever


quite like the book threads but think they were better suited to the old boards format as it was easier to skim through


same in most threads tbf. Bunch of people showing off that they don’t know who Stacey Solomon is in one thread. Geeze.

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Would you like my thoughts on the thorny Stacey Solomon issue


seems a nice enough person, but don’t regularly watch anything she’s on, and have never found her noticeably entertaining or great or whatever.

thanks. Hope @anon5266188 is ok with this response. I respect it. I think she’s quite lovely.

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Would have preferred it in the actual thread, might have got it back on-track but I’ll take it anyway.

well with fancy newdis we can do a good quotey link thing