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I got a shirt the other month, I get compliments when I wear it (if “you look healthy” is a compliment) . I feel both myself and a boss when it’s on, which must mean I’m a boss.

What threads you got that make you feel good?


thought this was gonna be about nuking sheffield


I got some t-shirts the other week that I’m irked about. When I bought them before in large they were a little too tight after a first wash, so I got XL this time and they’re comically big.

I like the designs, though, so I’m just going to start having chips with every meal to fix it.


started wearing polo shirts to work


are you becoming an architect?


Can I see it pleasey pie


pic plz


they call me a butcher


I got a new t-shirt from Gap that has the phases of the moon’s cycle on it. I quite like it.


some people call you maurice :kissing_smiling_eyes:


I’m not feeling great about my clothes at the moment. I suspect it’s due to me feeling like a bit of a fatty at the mo :confused:

I do have quite a nice dress I wore to two weddings recently tho, got told my boobs looked amazing in it :wink:

Which immediately made me feel a bit self conscious of course :blush:


Architects wear polo necks, not polo shirts, duh.



misread his post, duh


Yes, when I find a picture


Not by the vicar or groom hopefully!


No clothes make me feel good.

I need a new waterproof lightweight jacket though please.

In semi-related news, my parents are moving so clearing out my childhood home, they gave me a couple of Utd shirts from when I was 13 at the weekend, they still fit…


I still have clothes from that age that fit - the style was pretty baggy.


That’s what I’m telling myself. It also has opened up the fact that I can feasibly buy ‘Y’ size old shirts cheaply and get in them


1980s fashions were pretty tight, on the other hand…