Threads you like to lurk in..

Rarely post/ if at all meaning.

Horror thread
Cricket Thread
Books Thread


Parenting thread. No kids, don’t ever want em, but find it an interesting window into a world I’ll never know


Cricket thread cause everytime i think about posting in it someone comes up with some really niche obscure stat from 15 years ago and i feel like a fraud

Some of the place-specfic and travel advice threads

Lady DiSers thread to see what the hot chicks are up to.

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I find the cricket thread fascinating, trying to learn about a sport from scratch.


can’t wait for you to go all in on a county side like you have with newcastle, ny

just sat in your den with a crate of coors watching a single fixed camera youtube stream of worcestershire vs derbyshire


Used to lurk in the football threads when they were in Social but now I have the whole sport category hidden so it doesn’t matter.



Often click on the Breadtube thread because I can never remember what it’s about other than it disappointingly not being about bread. Then leave again when I realise I have no interest.


image image


Definitely don’t lurk in that thread.

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Haven’t had a console in about 3 years but am following the Elden Ring thread. Pulling for all of you in there, you can do this.


This one




I have three nieces (one of whom is just a day or two older than plasticmini) , so it’s been a useful thread for gift ideas, advice etc.

So much this. Such fun to see people who I’m used to reading being sarcastic and dry letting their guard down and being open and lovely :slightly_smiling_face:


I like how when I dick around posting nonsense in there the regulars studiously ignore me because cricket is a serious business.


Quite nice knowing people actually read all our cricket thread bollocks but we need more people in there IMO, so the lurkers should definitely post. We tend towards the glass half empty but that’s what following England for any length of time does to you.

Loads of entrainment ones really: Limmy, Horror, idk. And most music threads pluxking up the courage to post.

The vinyl acquisitions thread I guess. Can not afford to keep up with those guys.

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Dark Souls and now the Elden Ring threads (although I’ve let the ER one go a bit and I’m not sure I can be arsed to catch up on >1k posts!).

My “serious” gaming ended when more and more games started using all the buttons making it extremely difficult, nay impossible to play games one handed anymore. Tbh even if I could, games like From Software games with their difficulty and lots of bosses (used to hate end of level bosses!) would have alienated me in no time! So I now watch these sorts of games being played by people far better than me on Youtube and reading about them in these threads. :slight_smile: