Threads you like to lurk in..

Cricket is both very serious and absolute nonsense at the same time. Stand on 1 leg at 111 for instance

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Yeah, very glad other people are curating Limmy for us

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Yeah i like reading the cricket thread sometimes, its total numberwang nonsense to me but it’s soothing knowing that those numbers can mean so much to some people


Says the guy who knows and cares about the type of backhand the WTA number 83 has!

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cricket thread too.

I enjoy posting the cricket song there sometimes.


if I found cricket in any way entertaining, I think I’d love it. all those numbers, weird positions, competitions that mean nothing, all games being played in top holiday destinations etc.

It’s a giant piece of performance art imo

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Cricket has even more numbers than tennis though

I’d love to be able to say something like -

‘If only we’d (England) put out Mike Beef in the third innings, we might have held India to under 200 before tea. Still, got the test at Pimblebury next week to look forward to, and Jake Clams will hopefully be available against their off-spin bowlers’.


There’s nothing stopping you.


‘Butterfork hit 204 against the West Indies two years ago. Watching Storks and Macly walk out of the pavilion to line up between the creases today is just depressing’


haha, losers!

(goes back to saying things like “Wagons will antibants the Persils in the Gazprom” in the football thread)


You have to go full radio 4 and start doing cryptic crosswords and using a toasting fork to attain that level

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Mods I’d like to report some bullying please



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How’s your lovelife DiS, because as a married man I sometimes like to remember wistfully about the old carefree days of dating… candlelit pints in strange estate pubs, bar hopping in Soho with near-total strangers, the joyful tingle of new connections…

Then I get into the thread and realise everybody is stressed and hating the apps and it’s all a social anxiety hellscape and I remember that’s EXACTLY what it was like for me as well actually and I don’t know why I made up all those false memories about it.


This one.

Sometimes I lurk in the cat thread but then I fall behind and I’m worried to start again in case anything sad has happened. Love those little guys so much :crying_cat_face:

I’ve lurked in many threads for many years.

Still think about this sometimes Site Still Not Playing In Da Club Whenever I Enter A Thread / Errors &Amp; Suggestions // Drowned In Sound


the HGATR threads (have passed away. RIP u will live on forever. Cant believe it. I wanna run to u. Really cant believe this. @.)