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The flow of a bottle is terrifyingly different to what a breastfed baby is used to. Look at the paced feeding technique. Tease her a wee bit with it.


Aye done all that. she’s just a dick mate.

obviously she isn’t


It can take a few days of perseverance.


Currently on 2 weeks atm


Of trying the paced feeding? It took me a wee while to get it.


But I’m sure we’ll crack it


Of various techniques


Hanging ngl. Need a full English stat.

Off to NYC the city tonight


It’s fucking Friday innit


It can be Thursday II if you like.


R never fed from a bottle, would scream etc. Meant U just never left him until 6/7 months when he’d use a hard sippy cup thing for milk.

If you think you’re already a third of the way there it helps!!