Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Is there a thread already? Deserved favourite for the best flick Oscar. Psycho references of sorts

It’s been mentioned in the monthly film thread a few times. I enjoyed said motion picture heartily.

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Rolling january film thread.

Thought I loved it after an hour. Went a bit rubbish after woody Harrison died

Also lots of pretty dodgy stuff in the last act. And tonally all over the shop


Just watched the trailer. Looks good

Enjoyed it as a black comedy, but thought it might have been better as a straight drama.

Thought McDormand, Harrelson and particularly Landry Jones were great, but didn’t enjoy Sam Rockwell’s character.

And the using Peter dinklage for a load of height jokes was just really bad


Lots of redemption though and I thought it mirrored the state of America today very well (fight fire with fire), well that questioned of sorts. Outstanding film.

Was meant as a response to Bugduv, it’s late!

It is. Go see it at the cinema.

Agree with this. Sam Rockwell was ruined by being over exaggerated.

Weird being in a cinema full of almost exclusively white people laughing out loud at really awful and not funny at all racism.


Florida project is far, far better btw


Enjoyed the performances way more than anything else about it


The most enjoyable parts of the film i’d say were the scenes between Harrelson’s character and his wife just before y’know…and the scenes with McDormand’s character and her son. Thought they all felt quite sweet and human.

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Good character developments was my main feeling afterwards. Comedy bits were well done too

dinklage isn’t the punchline to the jokes though is he?


Also weird that Woody Harrelson’s wife was young enough to be his daughter


He had the same sort of thing in In Bruges I think.

Dinklage’s character comes out okay though. I mean he puts her in her place and he is clearly not the person we are laughing at.


This seems to be a recurring thing for him :thinking:

Well it’s one of those things that happens I guess. Mirror to life and all that.

I took the fact she kept her accent as a sign she was supposed to have come through as a student and he swept her off her feet, probably stopped her being robbed or something.