Three Body Problem

Huge fan of the books and early GoT so very very excited for this. Going to watch at least one before work.

Think book spoilers are OK in here so long as clearly marked and name of book being spoiled is referenced.

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Haven’t read the books (yet), but I’m dying to see this.

Can’t seem to get this to stream in 4k, even with the updated plan. Pure hate Netflix streaming quality.

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New Ramin Djawadi theme lesgo

Quite strange having the GoT guys writing something modern day, and quite strange having these books adapted with actual character interactions and slow moments.

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Halfway through the third book, so will try and get that finished before watching, but very interested…

Really struggled with how long the chapters were in the second book - found it oppressive! Kind of went with the general vibe though I guess.

Read the first book but not the ones after
Are they better or worse?

  • Better
  • Worse
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3BP was a series of books I wanted to line but have up on. So many cool ideas and concepts but I just never believed in it as a whole which is nuts given the wacky nonsense I’ll go for in other sci fi. Be really interested to see if I have the same reaction to the TV series or if I’m able to buy into it.

Found the second one harder to get in to and a bit dull to start, but then picked up pace massively. Third one is a bit all over the shop tbh but enough good stuff to keep me interested.

All three books are quite different I found, with The Dark Forest the big standout that I absolutely adored. Writing is fairly poor across the entire thing, women are all ciphers and it often reads like a wikipedia article.

But boy oh boy the ideas are just such purely enjoyable galaxy brain stuff.


I wonder if the characterisation suffers a little due to the translation. I do wonder if the show is a big success they’ll revise them

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I have a three body problem,

I three body, I prob lem


I don’t think so, worked with two different translators and the style was pretty consistent. I’ve read that a lot of Chinese sci-fi is just like that - focused on events and ideas instead of character.


Distracting how much this is based in the UK

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Tried reading the first book a few years ago but gave up as I wasn’t enjoying it.
Watched one episode and really like it so far! Benedict Wong helps.
Could do without the Samwell Tarly fella but it’s currently manageable

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I used to love Asimov and devoured his books when I was younger. Reread them recently, and it’s exactly that, big ideas and themes with 2d characters who are just there to move things along.



Just wait until you re read Arthur C Clarke! :grimacing:

To be fair to Asimov I think his later ones where he tries to tie together the Foundation and Robot universes are better written.

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one body is enough of a nightmare, imagine having three

imagine the mortifying horror being perceived THRICE as much


I didn’t read much Clarke, 2001, 2010 and Childhood’s End, which I remember because of the ‘twist’, or concept is probably a better word.

And the bit you blurred…yeah, that was much later in his career i think wasn’t it. And I had no idea it was coming. When I read it, I was like ‘oh shit!’. In a good way…

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