Three-day weekends for all!


Cheers Greens!

Honestly think this is the most exciting and compelling concrete policy proposal I’ve seen in a long time.


does marckee have any thoughts on concrete policy?


Do I?!


I did enjoy Tim ‘Montie’ Montgomery having a total mare on twitter over this at the weekend.


Monday or Friday to be added to it?

Please be Monday.


Looking forward to all of you kicking off when shops, call centres, letting agents etc aren’t staffed properly.




True, though.


Three day weekends, but on one of the days you have to spend on your side-hustle and prove this to the government otherwise they fine you.


all of those things have been replaced by the internet for me.


Oh. Well do away with everything then.


I have enough trouble drinking over two days thanks


*Charity work/projects, which mean a lot to you


I’ll allow it


And a packet of crisps


If no one actually worked on a Friday I doubt anyone would even notice the difference


Is incredible that people have accepted the 5 day week for so long. Slaves to capitalism, rise up, rise up, ffs someone rise up I’m so tired