Three Peaks Challenge

I’m trying to organise this with some mates. Anyone done it? Got any tips? For example currently debating if we share the driving or get a dedicated driver who doesn’t climb the peaks etc.

Advice and stories welcome, yo.

Would get a dedicated driver, some companies do it and they switch drivers at designated points, which is probably sensible.

Remember and eat at appropriate times, even if you aren’t hungry - by the last mountain you’ll be wanting as much energy as possible.

You don’t need to train intensively or anything, but doing a few progressively more difficult hillwalks in the weeks/months beforehand would be sensible.

Obviously have some decent waterproof gear.

i was gonna it one year but couldn’t make it. climbed ben nevis by itself later that year and it fucking ruined me. climbing back down after you’ve reached the top is soul destroying.

I would say that you do have to do a fair bit of training beforehand, if you’re not walking/running on a regular basis, not least because the logistics of getting between the three peaks mean that you’re quite often playing catch-up and may need to maintain a fast pace on foot.

Do Ben Nevis first - its decent is doable in bad light, the other two, less so. This means that you can time it so that you’re driving overnight from Ben Nevis to Scafell Pike.

Oh, and try and do it as close to June 21st as possible.

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I have done the Yorkshire one, but the UK one always seemed like a bit too much effort rather than being a nice day out in the hills.

However, if I was going to do it I would definitely get a dedicated driver. Climbing three mountains and doing ten hours of driving, even if you split the driving, it’s a bit much.

Our schedule was something like
Snowdon 12pm to 4pm
Scafell Pike 8pm to 1am
Ben Nevis 7am to 12pm

I remember Scafell Pike being most difficult, partly because of darkness but also because it was trickier underfoot.

Word. There should always be cable cars to come back down in. Always.

Your order is the reverse to which most people do it.

I would not want to do Scarfell Pike in darkness or even fading light.

Don’t. Do each of the peaks separately and enjoy them. Simple.


Yeah, we were doing it to raise money for charity for my mate’s mum, so wanted to finish at Ben Nevis so that other people we knew (who didn’t want/weren’t able to do all 3) were able to come up there and do the last mountain with us. Going in the opposite direction is more sensible from a timing pov.

Cheers guys. I climbed Batur in Bali at 1700m which is fuck loads taller than even Ben Nevis (1300m) and it was easy, so I’m starting to believe this is a piece of piss.

Am I being cocky?

Ben Nevis might be easier than Batur on its own, but you’re effectively ascending and descending a mountain of 3000m over a walk of 40+Km, within 24 hours.

I heard recently that they are trying to clamp down on the 3 Peaks Challenge owing to the amount of car accidents caused by tired people flooring it between mountains.

Not sure who the “they” are here. Or if this is even true. But y’know.

no fake news please

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Think I’m going to rewatch/finish watching Twin Peaks at some point soon.

If you’re physically in good condition then you should be fine. I don’t know what Batur is like in terms of how steep it is, terrain, conditions, etc, so don’t know how it compares to anything here.

Obviously you’re against the clock though, and doing three mountains in a day with little/no sleep and no proper meals is a difficult task.

I’ve not heard that, but there are concerns about the extra foot traffic and litter that it generates.

I’m not too sure about it, to be honest. The number of people doing the Three Peaks is quite small compared to the number of people who climb those mountains normally (Snowden in particular can be like a slowly shuffling queue for a ride at Alton Towers at times).

Yeah might just be a bit of snottiness from ‘proper walkers’ towards ‘3 Peak wankers’ or something. Given that 2/3rds of the 3 peaks walking will be done not during peak hours can’t see why footfall would be a huge problem.

I did it with work a few years back, and I was definetly in worse shape (dislocated a kneecap 6 months before so had been real slack on training/exercise) than I am now, and I found it fine having done a few longer flat training walks - i live in suffolk and theres bugger all hills to practice on! We did it over about 30 hours ( snowdon and scafell first day, then ben nevis first thing the next morning) though rather than the 24 hour bit, as we had a couple of older but healthy chaps with us. I think as well it can depend on what route you take up scafell as to how exhausting that one can be. I do remember snowden felt like a flat walk though and then suddenly you were at the top - pretty boring and it being foggy as hell didn’t help. Ben Nevis was my favourite and the one I would want to do again.

Definetly strongly recommend a dedicated driver, the trip to ben nevis felt like it took forever and would not want to have walked after having drove that. We started at snowdon and stayed in a dirt cheap bunkhouse a few miles away the night before to get an early start. Good walking socks and quality blister plasters also very wise investments!

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It’s also very easy to miss it by an hour which encourages shitty driving.