Three pizzas stacked on top of each other is technically a lasagna


Why not replace the middle pizza with actual lasagna

That sounds excessive.

Tough to argue that.


Doesn’t it just. I hate to think of the after effects

I’d dissolve

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You and me both!

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Both pizza and lasagna are both a type of sandwich

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Three frozen pizzas stacked on top of each other is technically a Viennetta


I quite liked Tesco’s lasagne sandwich back in the day. :+1:

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A sandwich made of sandwich, amazing how far haute cuisine had progressed

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I’m glad the pandemic happened.

A cup of tea is technically leaf soup.

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Those roast dinners in giant Yorkshire puddings?

Not a pizza, regardless of what you idiots might say.

If there’s milk in the “base” then it’s not a pizza, that’s just facts


When the moon hits your ganglia
Like a massive lasagne
That’s amore

Me and a mate used to regularly have pizza burgers when we lived together.
2 small Chicagotowns facing towards each other with a burger in the middle

Also the greggs lasagne butty is a thing. A steak beak, a cheese and onion pasty with tomato sauce on bread

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