Three-sided vinyl editions and vinyl oddities

Good example, Rip It Off was ear bleedingly loud on CD, turned me off the band forever.

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Sunn O))) - Monoliths & Dimensions is a right PITA on vinyl:

Side A: 33 rpm
Side B: 45 rpm
Side C: 45 rpm
Side D: 33 rpm



So if you try to put say 30 minutes of music on a single side does this mean the grooves themselves are physically narrower than is ideal?

Yup, and as a result the sound quality is impacted. Volume being lower is noticeable.

Most valuable record I own.

Oh except the cover is inevitably ripped so can’t imagine anyone would buy it.

I tried to get my head round what impacts sound quality on vinyl but couldn’t quite get it tbh, or at least not all aspects.

I’m a bit worried that it is definitely not my most valuable record.

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Go on…

I’m actually not sure it’s probably a toss up between Frank Ocean - Blond or The Weeknd - Trilogy but there are a few that have shot up like Manchester International Festival versions of New Order & Joy Division records. Getting scared to scroll through discogs. Those graphs on the app have become really interesting though when looking at price.

You should get all your stuff into discogs and check the average sale price if you want to be very surprised some time.

It all is try not to look at the my discogs screen too often. Jfc the price of the Sky Ferreira LP.

Just arranged discogs by median recent sale price. Bloody hell some surprising titles going up in value.

I’ve read that Blond is worth a fortune before so just took a look at Discogs. So he essentially only made the album available on cd & vinyl for 24 hours via his own website. Sort of deliberately creating collectors items.

Can’t quite understand why he’d do that.

He’s kept a garage full of them and has multiple eBay accounts :joy:

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He did the same with endless and the 7”s to some extent. Blond is the one that fascinates me though because that was produced by xl. this is the thing I think there are loads out there because it never sold out and he was quite clear it was a 24 hour only sale just people have kept them which has created the price rise. How he got xl to agree to it I will never know.

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My wife found a mint copy of this in her mums attic a couple months ago. Thanks a lot mother in law!


Oh yeah…oops

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Actually I have the vinyl version of this album as I saw them live

It’s got the whole album on each side, once just the tracks like you can see on Bandcamp here but it’s actually a piss-take concept punk album about a guy who just wants to be a cop so the reverse side is the 10 tracks in a ‘story’ order with little skits joining them together :smiley:

Yep, that was me, in the renaissance thread. You only get part of the actual album as well.