Three things you could easily implement to improve your life

  1. Get back into meditating again
  2. Stop drinking so much beer and coffee
  3. Bring healthier packed lunch to work instead of buying out

  1. Stop buying lunch every day you fucking moron
  2. Don’t have your phone in arm’s reach when you’re trying to sleep you stupid twat
  3. Do a proper grocery shop and plan your meals instead of just nipping to Local Bo’s every evening you utter weapon


  1. Stop reading DiS at work
  2. Stop reading DiS at work
  3. Stop reading DiS at work


I’m sure it’s something like just shut up and get on with it diamond spade death etc


Stop spending all my money on beer and lunch


Spend more money on lunch. £7 a day isn’t extravagant enough. Treat yo’ self.


That’s better


toast and a can of pop isn’t sufficient for lunch Meo, you’ll starve

  1. Just so, so, so much stuff that I will never do

  1. Care less about stuff.
  2. Cycle more.


really can’t think of any


Eat more strawberries


Well this has gone well


can anyone think of any for me? little life hacks or anything? I eat as healthily as I can, exercise when I can, do as much work as my little brain will allow, I’m nice to people, I call my mum and dad regularly, I give money to charity when I can, I bought some plants for my balcony, I’m fairly organised…


sounds like you’re sorted, can you sort my life out now?

i don’t ask for much, just enough money to retire on, visit the moon, etc.

  1. Get a second cat
  2. Get a third cat
  3. Get a fourth cat


I really think that is what I need to do


You’re starting from a strong point, which is tricky. Try idly ruining your life for a few years then come back to us.


gonna take a walk around the park every lunchtime. that’s the only little boost i need tbh