Threezing Thursday Thread

I regret saying bad things about the heatwave


Still prefer this over a heatwave. -3°c on my drive and walk in.

I’m so sleepy. Finish at 3 then off tomorrow. Gonna make a curry for tea and gonna have some beerz

I’ve got a cold

A shitty cold

Sorry, this is my fault - after an unidentified small animal likely died in my loft I started telling everyone who’d listen that I hope we had a cold snap to freeze the thing, as I can’t find the corpse. Clearly I underestimated my powers.

Anyway, busy work day and giving an exam tutorial later because I’m basically a saint.


Morning. I’ve been swimming this morning and it’s a :birthday: :partying_face: tonight for Lubomyr Melnyk, so there probably won’t be cake or a chorus of Happy Birthday. View from here about half an hour ago was


Too cold>>>>>>>>too hot.
Day off 2/2 today. Think we’re going to go to Totnes which means Drift Records just before payday. Absolute torture.

Currently donning all of my clothes in readiness for walking the dogs.

Going to see Fucked Up in Brighton tonight. Excited.

Happy Thursday everyone.

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Morning all,

Had a frustrating practice last night. Our designated front person is, well, very frustrating and I think I want a new band. Took ages to get to sleep last night too. I don’t think it helped that I came home to find a quite excited wife on the laptop in bed, knee deep in the BA sale, finding lots of exciting deals. Slept ok though, save for being woken up by a purring on my pillow.

Not much happening so far today; might go home early.

Thaw up well, Thursday.

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20 week scan today - mainly excited but also a little nervous having not seen it since 12 weeks.

Still waiting to hear back on a job. How bad can my psychometric test have been…?


Good luck!

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Exciting! Hope it goes well.

Are you going to find out the sex, or keep it a surprise?

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NIce and crisp on the ride in this morning and I even remembered trousers.

Eyes on the inside!

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Got up at a reasonable hour to see the physio but she cancelled. Not sure what to do now.

Nope - aiming for its first words to be “gender is a social construct”


Yeah but you don’t get sunrises like this at any other time of year:


I go to Thailand in one week where the temp is 35 degrees (feels like 45 degrees!) so I’m ok with the cold for now. I’ll arrive in Thailand and go “it’s too fucking hot!”

Currently: laying in bed nursing extreme period pains. Don’t think I’ve ever not gone to work because of period pains before. I’ll go in later when they’ve subsided a bit.


“So, erm, Mic… Mico…Micolash”
“You can call me Mike”
“What attracted you to Yarnham?”

Nobody has posted in the Thursday thread for a whole hour? What’s going on?

Busy day at work today so hopefully it’ll zoom past.

Is it spring yet?

I have so little to report I can’t even be bothered to write ‘nothing to report’ today.

I do hope you’re all well though in case you were wondering.

Just been to the hospital for our 8 week scan.
It’s not twins which is a huge weight off our shoulders as we had IVF.

Going to be a dad.
Its, I can’t describe it really.
But I’m just coming off a night shift so too tired to think.