Threezing Thursday Thread

Ahhhhh, congratulations mate


Nearly stacked it 1000 times on the walk to work this morning. Took me twice as long as usual 'cause I had to do little penguin steps. Getting my hair cut this evening, no idea what I’m going to ask for aside from ‘please make it look better’.

Morning all. Today is my Friday, get it round yer Thursday! Meeting some m9s in Camden tonight for a few drinks, haven’t been to Camden in time. Is it still where all the cool indie rock kids hang out?




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Absolutely shattered for some reason. Been tired for the last four days running.

Serving drinks at my GF’s exhibition opening tonight. The culmination of a lot of work from my GF, curating an exhibition looks like Hell. I hope it goes well.

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Morning all,

Overcoming a foul cold and viral thing, feel wiped out and cold and shaky still.

Anyway, had some coffee, most of the day going to read and play FM and avoid work emails.


I’m going :bowling: after work and then for :pizza: or :spaghetti:

I really really wish there was an unsubscribe button for all the joke/parody threads. Can we give their own board?

I think The Sex is how they got themselves in trouble in the first place M8


great, cute woman from the Brighton office is sat right behind me, like in my standing up space, blocking my otherwise clear route out of the office. Now I’m gonna feel even more self-conscious when I stand up every 20 minutes to get a new coffee and go to the toilet.

Morning all!

Currently running an assessment with my Healthcare class while marking other work for my nurses this afternoon.

Cold outside, isn’t it?

I woke up from a nap and now I feel quite unwell. This is not my usual reaction to a nap.

You better not be allergic to sleep

You got much planned for your cakeday pally?

All good with our scan. Now if I could just get a job offer…


I bought a Black Midi shirt last night and seem to have managed to lose it on the way home

That’s what happens when you go to a gig on the way home from work and have a bag that’s too full of stuff to shut properly

going to crack open a beer

I hear that graham coxon is always in the good mixer


Feeling a bit more human today, gonna go load up on breakfast and see if that sorts me out. Might have to start doing actual work today.

I smell like mandarin.