Threezing Thursday Thread

Hoping to see Wolfman in the Hawley Arms.

Mandarin oranges or mandarin sauce?

Actually, thinking about it, I think I like the aroma of these equally well, so feel free not to answer.


Christ, just shuddered thinking about the toilets in that place

This would be quite catastrophic, considering I was going to fill out in that what do you do with your day thread with 50% sleep/trying to sleep.

@Jeremys_Iron cake day plans consist almost entirely of cake. Got a chocolate orange cake in the shape of a :rocket:, also got my monthly reading group later which I go to mostly for the cake.


YES! Cakeday living up to it’s namesake. Have fun chief :slightly_smiling_face:

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Going out for a business lunch with some foreign lawyers at an Italian restaurant, what will I have?

then going to a dinner thing at my friend and former colleague’s new house along with some old colleagues, which is a kind of joint birthday for her and housewarming. What kind of gift should I bring?
Sorry I am not normally this inept but had about 2 hours sleep last night for various reasons and feel like I have shite for brains.

Happy birthday! You will be happy to know that according to my facebook today, you share your birthday with:

  1. my cousin, 2. one of my best friends from school, 3. a girl who bullied me in school (which we are both in denial about as we appear to be FB friends) and 4. my ex husband’s old flatmate. WOOHOO.


Lucky Colors: Electric Blue, Lilac, Cerise
Lucky Numbers: 6, 7
Lucky Days (of the Month): 6th and 7th
Lucky Days (of the Week): Friday and Saturday

Hope you have a lovely day! xxx


bit mean to @jordan_229

He’s not the only one. Sometimes it feels like the board is populated by 14 year old boys.

Really? I’m not sure I see it.

Thank you :slight_smile:

It is a popular birthday, also shared with my brother (not twins) and ex-aunt. Also I think Jools Holland :confused:

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Congrats DadRetrospective!

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i’d second the fact that the stream of consciousness “joke” threads contribute absolutely fuck all

My tv had completely the wrong idea of what ‘stacked it’ means - she thought it meant to poo yourself.

‘I saw someone stacking it on the pavement on the way home, then I nearly stacked it too!’

So just ignore them?

There are a lot of threads that don’t interest me but not gonna start being like “all football threads should be placed elsewhere”

Just a bit weird policing innit.


have been in bed for 16 hours now. feel weird.

i do

I’m bored of this cold I’ve had for the last two weeks, but I’m feeling mentally pretty good right now as I already have so much to look forward to this year.

Looking forward to delicious vegetable soup for lunch.

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I don’t understand the issue then.

And Vic Reeves! x

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