How’s it going?

TW: grossness/don’t read when eating

I’m literally drenched in someone else’s vomit right now. As is my sofa and slippers and rug. Now I thibk I feel sick but don’t know if I’m just imagining it. Either way…send help.

This is now the filth thread

Hey Scout!

That’s vile. I’m sorry. I think I’d be sick.

I’m gonna chill in my pants all night and then hurriedly pack my bag for my flight tomorrow at, oh, i don’t know, 1am?


That’s quite a start to an evening thread.
I’m probably going to catch up on masterchef and escape to the chateau and work out what to do with my last three weeks of freedom.


getting thin next year is going to be such a ballache

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what’s up bud?


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I like it a lot, might even save it

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ah fair enough! It made think of Jason Molina for some reason

probably because he sung about wolves, moons and depression

Alright. Bought pizza, IT’S NOT FRIDAY, I DON’T CARE

Was thinking about going to see Tigercats tonight but they’re not on until 10pm and I’ll probably be in bed by then.



There’s no food in the flat as I though we were going away tomorrow but it’s not gonna be until the weekend now. Fuck sake. Beans on toast for tea maybe?

Not got a cheeky Kiev in the freezer?

it’s Friday tomorrow

Aaaaaand I’m done, thank fuck for that.

Got a nice bottle of cava and some choco from some parents today :relaxed:


Does anyone have any experience with getting older people who you don’t know help? One of my neighbours keeps ringing my doorbell and asking for someone else (who does live near to me) but each time she comes she seems far more confused than the last. Do you think I should ask for the number of a relative and call them? I just send her back home (making sure she remembers where that is) but feels a bit flakey to do nothing else.

Nope :sob:

Might double check.

egg on it?

this is really sad :frowning:

Then this calls for one thing - takeaway Pide.