Thrilling Thursday Thread

Morning all,

How’s it all going? Anything exciting on today?

I’ve got a thrilling day ahead at work.

Got an hour and a half refresher training all about EU Drivers Hours legislation and WTD stuff. Can’t wait until we’ve Brexited and we can make the drivers work 20 hours without a break.

Then we’ve got a team meeting with the boss. Usually very little to discuss but always manages to last nearly 2 hours.

Then I’ve got my appraisal for another hour or so.

That’s more than half of my day stuck in meetings without access to DiS. How will I cope?

morning urb. should really go and do something outside today, thinking about a walk in richmond park. might not be arsed though.

good morning ufx, egf and etc

today is my friday, but i keep thinking it’s wednesday. yesterday i thought it was tuesday, it was actually my thursday. to keep myself on track i’m using the uefa champions league as a reference.

Hey-ho! Wish our team meetings were that short- as a home worker my employer shows us great consideration by ensuring any time we spend together feels like an eternity. Team meetings are six hour marathons containing quite a lot of moaning and almost always ending in a sense of disillusion. Looking forward to the next one on Monday!

Today will involve organising and presenting a bunch of information to determine what action we take against a service provider. Then I’ll be asked a bunch of questions about it that i wont be able to answer (usually along the lines of ‘and what did they do about this aspect of what you’ve presented?’ - I don’t know if they did anything, otherwise I’d have included that in my presentation, but thanks for making me feel like my 13 hour working day on Monday wasn’t enough). It’s going to be a ball. I should really get up and get cracking but I’m still hiding in bed.

Off to Nando’s for lunch!


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I am having to interrupt my week off because there is a work thing I couldn’t get out of.

Had some flat drama last night. We’ve had loads of issues with work needing to be done, people showing up without giving notice, letting themselves in, coming into our rooms while we are sleeping, so we are quite touchy about unexpected visits.

Couple of weeks ago the handy man turned up really early, I didn’t answer the door as I wasn’t up, then outside the guy stopped me and said he needed to get access, I said I can’t be late for my train, he repeated he needed to get in and I said he couldn’t just turn up and that we need to be given notice and then I left.

Didn’t hear anything til the weekend when the landlord sent a message saying he needs to get in to inspect something or an invoice can’t get paid and get would be charged extra and that we had cancelled the previous inspection. I replied explaining I hadn’t cancelled anything we had no knowledge of the inspection until he showed up and that I couldn’t deal with him without being late for work.

Phoned up the handyman to reschedule and he starts having ago at me, saying I should have got up to answer the door, I explained I didn’t know he was coming, I would have been late, and that these visits need to be arranged with our permission, he argued that the building management are allowed access whenever they want, I told him that’s not true and that we have had several problems with in the past some involving him. Arranged the visit for yesterday when I was out.

He comes, does the visit, then on the way out properly kicks off at my housemate, ‘I don’t appreciate your mate saying I made him late for work, that’s his own fault for being too lazy to get out of bed’ my housemate heard him out then explained the issue was we weren’t expecting him, had no idea what he needed to do and couldn’t just drop everything, the guy kept going on saying it was my fault for being lazy, eventually my housemate had enough and told him to get out, there was some arguing in the stairwell, the guy started complaining to other residents, then came back aggressive knocking.

Just a ridiculous situation, I can understand his initial annoyance but don’t think I was unreasonable for not wanting to be late, and then he lied about us cancelling the appointment, argued with me on the phone about my rights as a tenant and properly kicked off at my housemate. I don’t want this guy in my flat ever again

Tldr aibu

Put in a written complaint to the landlord.


Morning all

Decided to cycle from King’s Lynn to Downham Market (14 miles) this morning. Both wind and hills were against me and now I feel like I deserve a nap. I may be a fairweather cyclist but I’ve managed 107km in the last 7 days and so I’m not feeling too bad about that.

WFH tomorrow.

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Fucking hate hearing stories like this.

#Your :clap: landlord :clap: has :clap: no :clap: automatic :clap: right :clap: to :clap:enter :clap: the :clap: property. Except in the event of a life-or-death emergency, your landlord MUST give reasonable notice, and ultimately, permission can be refused. Entering your property without gaining permission and without providing notice could constitute harassment.


Think I’m gonna issue an ultimatum on a yes/no on this house we’re trying to rent. Landlord is fucking us around so much. This means I’m potentially inviting conflict…

On the plus side, got my legal copies of my deed poll through today which means I can start the formal process of changing my name :slight_smile:


I’ve started to think it’s not the landlords fault as they are often out of the loop, it is the building management, few of the owners live here and are on the board, so it’s like there are two tiers of resident and they think they can do what they want, it is the landlords responsibility to get back in the loop and stick up for their tenants

It’s the landlord’s responsibility though. Ugh, the state of the private rented sector.

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chyeah… and pigs might fly out of my butt!!


*monkeys (sorry)

oh my god, fucked it

^This, so much fucking this. Thought it was going to be a better experience outside of London for some silly reason.



My girlfriend is off out for dinner with some of her ex-colleagues tonight, so that means pizza and pants for me this evening!

The fact the name Liam is short for William has blown my mind.

(Yes I do listen to All Killa No Filla.)