Through The DiSer's Keyhole (Rolling)

Further to several excellent insights into DiSers’ abodes which have been posted previously, feel free to add your own contributions.

I’ll get things started (later…)

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Looking forward to a cupboard full of waistcoats, you dapper swine

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Why are the football boots in the bath?

Think you’re being a bit generous over those cigarette butts! Give em hell!

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You have a silky smooth voice

  • I thought that would be a good shot to finish on :grinning:
  • I clean them in there so they tend to stay there from week to week. Never use the bath
  • The doors have obviously been closed through the winter but I will be having a quiet word once the weather improves and I have them open of an evening
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It’s the Midlands vowels

Lovely gaff m9!


Also I like the picture that you’re not sure about.


stop burning stuff!

did a proper lol at this is where we keep the football boots

My place is an absolute shithole at the moment, maybe i’ll do one.

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bit gutted I couldn’t read the list but I like your style, sock drawer in the kitchen


Just the one sock tbf

Is it the voice…?

That is a crazy place to put a fire alarm surely?!

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Can’t even make cheese on toast or cook bacon - it’s ridiculous

Will watch this later. Really need to do one for my house when I have free time.