Through The DiSer's Keyhole (Rolling)



Further to several excellent insights into DiSers’ abodes which have been posted previously, feel free to add your own contributions.

I’ll get things started (later…)




Looking forward to a cupboard full of waistcoats, you dapper swine




Why are the football boots in the bath?

Think you’re being a bit generous over those cigarette butts! Give em hell!


You have a silky smooth voice

  • I thought that would be a good shot to finish on :grinning:
  • I clean them in there so they tend to stay there from week to week. Never use the bath
  • The doors have obviously been closed through the winter but I will be having a quiet word once the weather improves and I have them open of an evening


It’s the Midlands vowels


Lovely gaff m9!




Also I like the picture that you’re not sure about.


I did watch and enjoy the whole video

But found it creepy as hell.


stop burning stuff!


did a proper lol at this is where we keep the football boots


My place is an absolute shithole at the moment, maybe i’ll do one.


bit gutted I couldn’t read the list but I like your style, sock drawer in the kitchen


Just the one sock tbf


Is it the voice…?


That is a crazy place to put a fire alarm surely?!


ha no your voice is good

i think it was just seeing the private side of an almost stranger