Through The DiSer's Keyhole (Rolling)



Can’t even make cheese on toast or cook bacon - it’s ridiculous


Will watch this later. Really need to do one for my house when I have free time.


Super stuff there, nice to see Neville looking right at home!!

I definitely enjoy these tours


Uploading mine now! Our cat makes a guest appearance!


Here’s mine!

Who do you know who has a chest freezer?

I really like your hallway tiles too, I thought that right before you said it :grinning:

Thank you for the video, it was an oddly relaxing watch.


I’ll do one this week I think. Be ready for it to be short as fuck :smiley:


God that was weird, I thought that picture of your best mate was me for a second! I have that exact shirt.


P.s your house is great and you seem incredibly charming!


Miles Davis, he’s not my housemate :grinning: I like your fairy door, I reckon @Scout will be into that, she loves fairy doors and that


Classsss! Picture of that shirt please!


They’re great aren’t they?

I’m glad it was relaxing! I may do another for my walk to work.


Thank you so much Bam!


i really enjoy these :slight_smile:


That picture of Miles has been here since before I moved in five years ago so he may as well be a housemate! There’s a second fairy door in the house, must get a picture of that for @Scout so.



Needs to go in the bin really, ripped it cos I’m a bit chubbier than I should be these days


Fucking Hell Bam, you saucepot! Yup, looks very like the one Ruairí is wearing in that photo.


I love these… top tiles, I appreciate the Kate Bush shrines at key points through the house :smile: and your bafflement at bowls of dried stuff.

Good and tidy too KG, nice job.

(Excellent accent and voice too) X


can’t believe you filmed it all vertically

fuck sake kg