Through The DiSer's Keyhole (Rolling)



:smiley: this is so so great. Can’t contribute because I live in a tiny little box filled with weird knick knacks and happy meal toys but I am LOVING IT none the less!


Sounds like the ideal residence for this thread tbqh


If not a full video, this at least deserves a photographic tour if the knick knack highlights.


:smiley: absolutely could not be bothered to dust, but I did move my cauliflower sheep so be could be in the picture. Obviously he normally lives in the kitchen :slight_smile:

(Probably should’ve arranged the happy meal toys so they weren’t all over the shop but that’s just not who I am! Hope you’re well FL x)


that sheep is truly amazing


Thanks! He is a thing of beauty. My friend got me him for Christmas a few years ago and I was so overjoyed that I cried :heart: :sheep:


just a hilarious facial expression (and I don’t even like cauliflower!)


Everything thing in that picture is amazing, I especially love the little blue house :heart_eyes:

Maybe I should do a shelf tour in lieu of a full through the keyhole :thinking:


He’s also a big fan of you, bammers!

We also have this chap who watches me in the shower, but I don’t mind


Oh wow, please do! Love a nose at people’s shelves :heart_eyes: I bet yours is so great!


I will put something together when I have enough daylight.


Don’t feel obliged if you don’t want to! Yeah that pesky daylight, we’ve either got far too much or nowhere near enough :slight_smile:


Tru da keee-hoole :joy:


I have done one and it has been filmed vertically but the house is small so you don’t lose much. Upload is at 50% so get hyped


Yeesssss! :smiley:


Hope you all enjoy! In the course of doing it I realised how cat based my life is :smiley:


‘Fair play to them’ :joy:
Not really… :joy:


‘Reason Why this lamp is here is…’

We all enjoy a smoke now and then mate, no need to be shy


Also we have the same bedding


these are both joyously tacky <3