Through The DiSer's Keyhole (Rolling)



you own loads of great characterful stuff too!


Cheers bam! I think the sheer volume of cat stuff is quite indicative of my character


It’s for sewing I swear officer! They’re some damn fine sheets too


great accent too x


Very good! I enjoyed all the cat paraphernalia. Your house seems very dark though!


Yeah most of the lights have gone and we’re all too lazy to fix them! The amount of natural light is also woeful


rip in peace Ed :frowning:


You want to see my place.


this guy is an absolute deviant


:grinning: wow


I lead a charmed life


oh shit this happened while i was in japan i think! yes!!

gonna get some popcorn




I’ll do one when I’ve got the rest of my furniture up. Would wait until I finish decorating, but I hate decorating so much that I’m not sure I’ll bother.