Throw Down The Gauntlet Thread



Challenge everyone or someone specific and give them a reward upon completion.

Here’s two:

I challenge japes to post a picture of his hand with four spoons sticking out of it.

And…this requires integrity. It’s easy to lie, so ise above it.

I want you all to try and steer a conversation in such a way that you can legitimately say “I want to talk to the organ grinder, not the monkey”.

First person to respond with details of who they said it to, and why, gets a prize.

Tell us about your daily hot drink schedule
Computer game emulation
:beers: LME DiSmeat THIS FRIDAY 29th OLD ST. from 18:00 onwards

ok now what


You fucking nerd


I did an artist rendition, consider me a witness


i challenge @Mistersteve to a photo of him touching a plant or flower

and @witches a photo from on a step ladder


Early concept art for a Johnny Depp film?


Things only 80s kids remember!!!


Excellent work.

I knew you could do it.



I put the beard on the wrong bit of your face


Elf needs food, badly.


Take it to the filth thread, friend


can’t believe the gauntlet is still lying on the floor

ffs guys


new challenge:

picture of some milk from @Aggpass

edit: actual photo obviously, none of yer google image shite


Picture from me or milk from me


the picture from you will do, but double points if the milk is also of you


@saps you got a lighter gauntlet we can use? this lot seem to be struggling with the weight of it


I can’t get to a step ladder till tomorrow! :scream: I am going to lay the smack down on this gauntlet… tomorrow.




Gauntlet reopened.

Spread the rumour that someone in your place of work (or somewhere else for those who are relaxing) has been writing to Gary Glitter (while he’s in prison) because they feel sorry for him. They don’t have to condone his actions but you know, he’s old and everyone hates him, that can’t be nice.

I did this yesterday about Erin who sits next to me. Got some good reactions. Ranging from people saying “well, you think you know someone” all they way up to someone spitting on her in the foyer.


banned act