Throwing shoes over telephone lines

This seems to be a fairly global phenomenon.

I’m a fairly well travelled highly intellectual man of the world, yet I’ve never ever been involved in this, or even seen it happen.

Have you?

Drugs thing apparently.

Yeah what is that? Do you meet the dealers near the shoes?

If so then I have got a great new tactic the narc cops should try.

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Happens in Big Fish doesn’t it?

Big Fish is one letter different from Big Fash.


maybe in some places, but definitely wasn’t in my suburban back street I used to live in.

bored-kids-doing-it-because-apparently-it’s-a-drugs-thing more like.


I always think of Robbie when I see this, even though those weren’t telephone lines.

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Yeah I’d it’s more common as garden variety bullying these days. Very effective bullying strategy as the shoes will always be very close but nigh impossible to recover

Bit of an urban myth that one

I’ve been getting rid of my shoes this way for years. Just thought it was the done thing.


say you had £20k rolled up in the heel of your shoe and the guy didn’t notice and had flung it over the telephone lines

how would you go about getting it back?

Bow and arrow like Sir Kevin Costner

I don’t carry more than £50 in cash at a time, unless I’m on holiday in which case it goes up to the local equivalent of £250. I also don’t keep money in my shoes

i’d imagine a very low success rate coupled with a very high accident rate for passersby using this method

i’ve got £15k in each shoe right now

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My girlfriend told me and she works for the oink so :man_shrugging:

Cherry picker can’t be too much to hire.

Get him!


cheaper still to saw down one of the telephone poles