Thrown anyone under the bus lately?



Tried to do it at work with someone who’s holding up the project I’m working but don’t think it was very successful.



The new VC has put a stop to this (quite rightly).

It’s not what someone hasn’t done, its what you HAVE done. The serial offenders are being slowly executed, one by one, and very few people are heeding the warnings.

Good for me as I refuse to rat people out, however much of a prick they’re being.


what’s a VC, lord sugar?


Viet Cong


Video Conference


Victoria Coren


I will probably be throwing some people I work with under the bus at my exit interview on Wednesday. not sure yet.


Vomit Crammer


Am actually in a position where I could and I really want to. The action I’d be grassing on meant the biggest piece of work I’ve done this year was for nothing.

I’m angry but still not a snitch. Yet.


Snitches get stitches fam.


The Canadians on this project im on


poll time:

  • fucking grass
  • not a fucking grass

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Grassed up my boss to his boss. I’m sure that’s done my career a world of good, but it was absolutely necessary because I’m too pretty to go to jail.





i am impressed by your knowledge of street talk


little story: apparently some members of an anti immigration raids group I sometimes help out at suspected that I may have been an undercover police. kind of like that for some reason.


I’ve done a bit of @bird son.


I think 90% of people are shit at thier job but who cares. In a big company the people at the top are skimming most of the earnings so why does it matter. Honestly why do people get so pissed off at people who they think are working less hard then them. It’s like they are jealous or something.

Unless you really believe in the project, it’s a job people want or is a company thats just scraping by it seems a pretty petty thing to get wound up by. I don’t see a good work ethic as an arbitrator of a good person and quite frankly for the hours and wages most people work there is little benefit in high productivity.


I’ve always found pretty much anybody who has any sort of managerial duties wherever i’ve worked to be a fucking useless cunt. My school of thought’s always been that if i get paid more than someone else, particularly if they’re younger then i’m responsible to a certain extent for what they do, extra money for extra responsibility, etc, but every place i’ve worked bar none it seems to be the opposite. It’s total bollocks and ultimately means people a) get credit for other peoples work, and b) can dish out blame when stuff doesn’t get done. Shit shouldn’t flow downstream, it should flow fucking upstream, because most of the time the lazy cunts are the ones with the responsibilites…and i say that as the MD (Managing Director) of the seventh largest paper merchants in Tameside.


I’m building a file of emails for the purpose of bus throwing at the moment.

I don’t really want to do it but there are ongoing beeves.