I’m measuring an 8/10 on the SSF Tiredness Index. Got a training ourselves today which will definitely keep me awake.

Last night I was walking down my road and it was the first night of the new student night at the O2 Academy. Must be freshers week I guess? It was absolute carnage, they were all dressed in sportswear and tied together in some three-legged thing and everyone was smashed and all falling all over the place. Proper end of days stuff.

So the question is: when was the last time YOU were tied to someone?


Morning ssf! Getting out of bed this morning was hard - 8/10 on the index as well for me. Hoping a cycle to work will make me feel more alive.

Last time I was tied to someone - I guess last time I went lead climbing, which was July.


10/10 tired. Honestly dont know how im going to get through the day. :sleeping:


^Freshers Weakness


Wednesday’s sports night, so this would have been the sports clubs initiations night. Definitely one to avoid. Also, are you an Oxford disser? I still refuse to call the O2 anything other than the Zodiac.


I am yeah. Would normally call it the Zodiac but I wouldn’t want what I saw outside it last night to tarnish that name!


So tired I’m going to call in sick. Don’t think I’m safe to get in a car.

Didn’t even do anything last night. Hey, maybe I’m actually ill.


Wish I was a pissed-up fresher again.


pretty chipper here ssf! Went to bed at half nine to read, then slept from ten until my alarm…

freshers week makes me feel really old - especially when i look at the mature student fresher week activities - they are doing a ‘coffee’ crawl…baffling

anyway, don’t know about being tied to someone tbh, we had to play knots the other day and be uncomfortable physically close whilst holding hands, does that count?


I know some people who still call it the ‘Carling’


Alright, Sandi Thom


gotta go to slough today :frowning2:


Morning SSF

I slept pretty well last night so I’m a 3/10 on the SSF Tiredness Scale. Got drinks after work today, should be alright.

Can’t remember the last time I was tied to someone. Maybe I’ve never been tied to someone?


Commiserations E4


Hungover. Drank too much and definitely had too many snouts last night. Honeyblood weren’t very good but it was free so no bother.

In freshers related news. A girl at the gig had left her swimming social to go see honeyblood then meet back up with them, which is fine but she was on her own dressed as a smurf (Inc full blue facepaint). Looked a bit daft.

Picking up my new bike then playing badminton this evening. Probably catch up on 2 or 3 of GBBO, the night of, national treasure, Champos highlights


7/10 but last day of the week for me today so I’ll keep my pecker up.

I don’t remember ever being tied to someone. I am tied down by my anxieties re: current affairs atm.

I live in a student area and the closer I get to 30 the more resentful I feel towards those happy go lucky young people. That they have no idea what’s awaiting them once playtime’s over is all that sustains me some nights. :smile::smiling_imp:

They’ll be all: :grin::fearful::sob:


Went to see NZCA Lines last night. Bit of a curate’s egg - the 20 minutes towards the end where they nearly turned into Hot Chip were good, the 30 minutes before that were really boring.

Off for drinks at the Blue Posts in Rupert St tonight for the last time - developers have given them their notice and it closes next week.


I think I might still be pished


##Morning all.

Got a pretty low index of around 3 going on today. I’m glad i beat the rain and walking woke me up. I don’t feel that focused though.

I remember the last time i was tied to something, but someone? hmmm, maybe not since i refused to treat the three legged race with the respect it deserved.


It’s National Coffee Day :coffee: and I’m going to need a lot of the stuff as my neighbours decided to hang out on their balcony with a few friends last night which is located directly 1 metre below our bedroom. Cheers lads.

Oh a rating, probably an 8/10 on the 'ol SSF scale too.