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You can smell the weekend. What’s everyone on with today? It’s my father-in-law’s birthday so got him and my bro and sis-in-law round for dinner tonight. We’ve got him a pretty sweet gift, taking him back to where he grew up in Liverpool and we’ve got tickets to a game at Anfield, he’s gonna be delighted.

Helsinki stag-do m9 asked me to be one of his groomsmen last night so no getting out of that 3 day wedding now :upside_down_face:


Mornin Jeremy,

Off to Amsterdam today for a trade show, an ATD is flying out and joining me tomorrow night for the rest of the weekend, should be fun.


Hiya. How was Peckham? Apart from being asked to be a groomsman?

Not much going on tbh. Might make a curry tonight.

Aye Peckham was lovely as ever. That levels place is pretty mint. I still don’t think he understands why I’m not going to his stag do which is infuriating so I had to sit and nod politely when all atoms of my being wanted to shake him.

Edit: I smell like a deep fat fryer this morning, mind.

ha he’s locked you in!


Yeah he’s really done me to be fair.

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Christ. Oh well. I’m sure the wedding will be tops.

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caught the cold my daughter had over the weekend.

Working from home - cancelled / hopefully rescheduled the job interview I was due to have today.

It’s like 3 weddings for the price of 3 weddings :upside_down_face:

Wish I could get out the stag do I’m going on tomorrow.

On the plus side, today is my friday.

Bon matin,

Made my porridge with oat milk, surprisingly didn’t work too well… to many oats?

Off to the library shortly for half an hour of cacophony.

Had to pick up some proofs from a client on the way to work so I took the bus and Tube instead of one bus to get to work. Was wondering if I’d spot @meowington but two of the buses went past full up before I could get on one.

Yes, can smell the weekend. It’s Clive’s birthday. We’re going to a recording of Dead Ringers at the BBC tomorrow (Clive loves it, I don’t recognise anyone’s voices so it means nothing to me). Then visiting friends in Brighton for the weekend. Day off work on Monday.

(In March we’re booking two Mondays off work - then with the two bank holidays we get four four-day weeks!)

I’ll be in Amsterdam briefly tomorrow night too. So close yet so far.


Woke up at 8:30, the time I’m meant to leave the house. It’s almost like I don’t want to go to work.

At euston eating a disappointing croissant. Some bloke is yelling into his phone about DESIGN MANAGEMENT!!! Humans eh? Gonna go for a nice walk in the park before my recording sesh today. Should probably try and find a job.

You got one eye on your mega-travels now laelfs?

Had another night of next to no sleep and constant pain which should make for a fun day and even funner shift at work tonight. Did get round to listening to the new Hookworms and Shopping records in my gout addled late night state though. Both really fucking good. Will spend most of today drinking a lot of water and hobbling to the toilet I imagine.

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To be honest I thought I’d be gone by now so I’ve been mentally winding down for about 5 months. :grimacing:

Annoyingly because of the delays I’ve had to reassess my trip and it turns out that going pretty much anywhere good in the Southern Hemisphere in June-August is a bit of a :-1: so I’m probably not going to leave for another 5 months. Every day until then is going to be a struggle not to hand in my notice.

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Good work - which game are you going to? Glad the wedding thing worked out in the end. It’s still cheaper than wedding plus stag do.
It’s bollock-shrinkingly cold out. I’m very tempted to crack out thermals.

Oh mate that’s a bit of an arseache but I’m sure those 5 months will roll around pretty quickly and then you’ll be out of this pee-pee soaked heck hole.

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