Thrusday Evening Thread

Good evening fellow community members,

How are you all fairing?

A welcome day off.

Seeing She Drew The Gun at The Electric Ballroom later tonight.

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All right fl! I’m not too bad and yourself? Gonna go to m&s and get some fake chicken nugz or something for dinner. Some work mates were asking if I wanted to get stoned and watch Paul Blart but I politely declined.

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Hey FL :slight_smile: I’m good thanks, because

  • good news as shared in the neurodiversity thread :slightly_smiling_face:
  • WFH tomorrow
  • got leftover roast for dinner :slightly_smiling_face:

Also I’d forgotten I’d taken some pictures out of the train window this morning and it looks I actually got one just about right (or close enough for a crap phone on a moving train)



Just back from the vets (see the cat thread). Jacket potato for dinner, then off to see Pip Blom on the last date of their tour tonight.

evening fl, et al,

talking myself in and out of going for a vino. told myself i wasn’t going to have a drink till tomorrow after work but today has been long and i really want one.

should i go for a vino?![poll type=regular results=always public=true]

  • just wait till tomorrow night ya eejit
  • fuck it, it’s thursday, a wee vino is fine
  • is it fuck just gonna be the one vino
  • don’t care pal
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absolutely fucked that. i’m off for a vino. :grinning::wine_glass:


State of your poll suggests you’re on your second bottle already…


Terrible day. Just had lunch.

Went to see Abominable earlier, was cute.

Just put on a jumper that smells of old peas, gross

Oh but I had a fun delivery. Cholera masks for my halloween tour



At the deaf institute, gonna watch the band pompoko. Currently by myself trying not to drink too quickly :grimacing:


Don’t tell a certain DiSer but there’s a guy on my train who is the spitting image of @BodyInTheThames

This is no time for lunch! Jimbo’s already has his dinner!


Get that man’s phone number!


Tell me about it!

want to think of something cool to say, can anyone help me out?

Freezing cold bus again, morons sat beneath open windows like it’s fine

Hello! I’m at my parents for dinner, Mrs F didn’t feel up to coming so I’ve been for a few pints with ol’ pa funkhouser before roast pork shortly.



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