Thu 7th, Morning

Oops. Just overheated a still and blocked the outflow 'cos I forgot to turn the cooling system back on, didn’t I. Hope youse are having better luck with your days. Tell all!

Hello Ella.

Nothing to report really. Very grey here but The Weather says it’s gonna get sunny later, in which case I will go for a quick, cold spin.

Meanwhile, going to shower, “work”, and listen to some tunes. Might have a shower. Two shower day, for me.


Just surviving til dinner time tbh


Feel like this week is going quickly but my flatmate disagrees.

More as I get it.

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Morning all!

I’m using my marking time this morning to look after The Child.

We’re singing this until it’s time to go outside:

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning all

Very cold and icy here. Everything looks very pretty covered in frost though, including this spider web on the front window

Just had my toast and I’m about to go to bed ahead of my last ever night shift tonight! See you at 4!


Snowed a bit again.

Can’t believe it’s only been a week since New Year’s Eve, feels like forever.


Morning. Pretty icy here.

Looks like Olympus Has Stood Back Up, at least for the time being

Been ages since I did an outdoor bike. Been really icy these last 10-14 days and the roads around me only get sketchy tickles from the gritter, so I’m super paranoid about it. Some of the drives to work have been bad enough :grimacing:

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All day in my studio today. Not long left before back to work kicks in :confused:


Yeah, it must be near-impossible to ride during winter where you are! Luckily living in a city it rarely gets icy locally, just planning on doing a very short local loop later once the sun makes an appearance. Heading south to the lanes is another ballgame, probably won’t do that until temperatures are on the rise again tbh.


Check out tropical Stockholm!



Frost but no snow here. I’ve scraped down the windscreens on my car ready for when the window people turn up. Only a half day of finishing stuff off today and then things go back to normal! I say normal, but we won’t have any curtains for a while, which isn’t that normal is it?

Tired. Working. Snowing. Going to buy a preamp.

New brake pads on the bicycle. I would give it a spin but have you seen the weather?

I am currently reinstalling Office on my work laptop to try and get it to work. IT have been next to useless on this. Watching a progress bar is fun

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Morning all!

Week off the booze now, feeling sharp as a tack. Kinda. Work work work and then maybe have a little spin on the static velocipede later on .

Just done the nursery run and the toddler pointed out of her pals I’d never met and said he’s her friend and ‘he’s only little’ :smiley:

When’s it gonna warm up? f**k the winter. Seriously :roll_eyes:

Oops wrong reply button. Morning @stupidsexyflanders, morning everyone!

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Beautiful frosty morning. Cat doing my head in, child refusing to get dressed and keep getting weird messages like someone else is logged into my account on here. Happy spying if you are, not an interesting post as far as the eye can see.

Went to bed at 3 for some reason. Idiot. B is off to the docs for his second round of jabs and I’m going shopping with O. Might make a fancy curry and try making some paratha