Thu 7th, Morning

The roads are pretty icy down this way Caterham/Oxted. So be careful if you venture out.

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Yeah - I won’t be venturing further than West Wickham I don’t think!

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Ran out of apricot wheats so had the backup raisin wheats, and they’ve gone right through me. Christ.

Good morning @Ella_Megablast, good morning Niki, JagPags, Roastie, Keithy, Hoogy, Foxy, Gunty, Paidy, BITTy, Dkty, Orchy, SexyFlaxy, Nebbie, Berrrky, Scouty, RichT, Ynotty, Epimer, good morning DiS and many happy returns of the day to @jamesian, to Nicolas Cage from the bees, to Lewis Hamilton from the righthand turns, to Nick Clegg from the u-turns, to Kenny Loggins from the dangerzone, to Jeremy Renner from wasn’t he that guy in that film no that was the other one, to Kathryn Valentine from the go-gos, and to Caster Semenya from running faster than loads of other women. It’s an absolutely glorious day to commemorate the anniversary of the impeachment of Bill Clinton, and England losing their last continental possession when Francis de Lorraine II took Calais by force. I’m pouring one out to honour to passing of Nikola Tesla snatched from us just 87 years ago and has been giving techbros and games designers a throbbing one ever since. Raise a glass to the sky today to commemorate Festa del Tricolore. I’m off to play with my steam-powered oscillating generator because it is Thursday after all.


WFH today and I just looked at my notes that I take to help me keep everything I need to do in my head, and apparently I also wrote a bunch of weird rhyming stuff purely to make myself laugh

I am too pure for the capitalist system

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We, that doesn’t sound good, have you changed your password?

and HI MANCHES and LAELFY who have just appeared


Good morning French Toast

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Had a dream where I was playing golf with @xylo on the rooftop of a hospital and he had to take of his neon pink blazer because it was too bright in the sun and was distracting him :woman_shrugging:


Which is insane because if anything it steadies my swing

just want to thank you for getting this song into my head keith

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Yeah all the time, even took out a loan for a new laptop and phone last year as no matter how many times I change things various accounts are still being accessed across the Internet and couldn’t figure out how to remove keyloggers etc :see_no_evil::woman_shrugging:t2: find it amusing that this person thinks I have anything interesting to hide.

:grimacing: that’s beyond creepy

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morning troops, hope you’re all well.

got called from a job before christmas that seemed REAL keen to take me on, and nothing since. c’mon lads.

anyway, got another iron in the fire and had a great chat yesterday so hopefully i can sort that one out.

headhunting is strange affair isnt it.

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Can’t wait for the residuals to start rolling in :money_mouth_face:



Still got a cold. None of the big 3 Covid symptoms so I’ve not got a test, but I’m also not seeing the kids (or anyone else for that matter, or going anywhere) to be on the safe side so I’m feeling kind of cooped up and crazy

Will inevitably spend the day aimlessly working (nothing much urgent to do and I’m not feeling well enough to display any initiative)

We’ve just been out in the snow.

Olaf really can’t CBA.


@Joke2000 I just got a Eurovision question right on Popmaster and that never happens. Also 36 on that round.

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I told them to respect my privacy. It’s enough of a burden as it is. But would they listen?

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