Thu r s Day

Well, I’ve been up for two hours already. I’m on a freezing bus & it’s snow/sleet/raining at a brisk 1C

The only way is up, right?

How’s your Thor’s day looking?


Bright. Might go back to sleep for an hour then it’s into work via a bacon roll. And Italian burrito for lunch. They put spaghetti in it can you believe!


Didn’t sleep so went to McDonald’s now on the way to work

Mamma mia!

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Suppose today is my Monday as my next day off is Tuesday. On the late shift. Got to wrap up some recruitment pieces that I was meant to do on Monday but couldn’t as I was sick. Cba lads, cba.


It’s a bit of a wet and windy Wednesday Thursday here at the moment.

Need to drop the wife into work shortly as I’ve got the car for the day because the furry boy needs taking to the v-e-t as he’s got a bit of a blocked nose.

Not much planned apart from that.

Update: I have acquired a rescue package

Day improved 800%


Morning, in the office. Already thinking about dinner even though I’ve just had a Cinnamon Swirl. Do Neal’s Pizza deliver? Might sit at my desk with a massive pizza and eat it then have a nap this afternoon.

Ended up having a couple drinks last night as I was running a gig.


was planning to go to the office today then my alarm went off this morning and i decided to lie in and wfh instead

this happens to me a lot


Also did this today


Might … not work today

Went to see Confidence Man last night, they were absolutely class but dancing yourself inside out on a Wed night is not the one come the morn.


I have one hour to finish this work which i obviously didnt get up early to do.

Oh man.

It’s my dqy off too :expressionless:

If I’ve time i might go to the library for some nerd research or i might stay home and eat brie

Day off. Nothing to do til later til i need to go home and pack for trip down to England

Feel like the weather has finally turned the last couple of days. Actually feels cold and have had to put the heating on for a bit.

Half day cos I’m off to Manchester to see The Mountain Goats. Haven’t toured here since 2019, haven’t seen a full band show since 2015, watched about eight live streams over the last two years so they were a pandemic regular, soooo I’m pretty excited :tada:


I’m going to Bromley to do some Christmas shopping. Never been shopping in Bromley before.



Whatsapp has now got polls, i repeat, whatsapp has now got polls


When you leaving manc? Heading there tomoz.