Thuck Off, Thursday

Almost sounds like a filth thread title, doesn’t it.

I just dumped my guitar teacher by email. I will now not be checking my emails for the rest of the week.

I might not be able to get into work this morning because of an Extinction Rebellion protest. I could have made alternative travel arrangements, but I’m going to take my chances.

In laws are round for dinner tonight, so that’s good.


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Morning eps. Off to work in a few minutes: that’ll be the usual, but that’s fine before a packed evening of Bridget Riley, Wolves-Liverpool and Black Country, New Road in Peckham.


Got to take R to the doctors, he is not happy about this :grimacing:

Then have to juggle mire tasks than my puny mind can organise and I am a bit overwhelmed.

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Made the mistake of installing Stellaris on my laptop so I could play it on my train home from Birmingham yesterday.

Obviously now i have not desire to go to work and just want to stay at home and guide my little interstellar society to a brighter future mainly via bloodthirsty conquest


Morning all. Full of cold. Probably have to be out of the house til around 9pm this evening. Pray for CCB

Morning my friends,

Don’t like Thursday or Friday. Wednesday is objectively the best weekday as it holds such promise. Going to be busy enough today which should make the time go fast, but also means I probably have to stress out loads.

Soon it will end

Morning sports fans. It’s my facking Friday today :blush: Going to Wahaca for dinner after work and then on to the BFI to see Adam Buxton read out some YouTube comments in a variety of silly voices.


Morning fellow Thursdayers. Saw Maisie Adam’s standup last night, she was very funny. Tired today, going to wear my new clompy boots to perk myself up.

GF’s parents are meeting my parents tonight. Already worried about whatever lunacy my Mam might come out with.


As it happens, I will be driving along the Black Country New Road on my way to Wolves v Liverpool this evening.

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I’m going to make myself some porridge

Got to bed around 1130 as the TV had a (much deserved) evening at the pub with a pal. Got up at 430 as the silly baby did an ill-timed poo. Now trying to stay awake at my desk.


WTF is going on with my hair lately? Frizzy and greasy all the time no matter what I do.

Breakfast in bed with M now then off to Spanish. Going to hunt down some good vegan hot dogs later

Morning @epimer and etc.

Slow train journey into work for the third day in a row, but not quite slow enough to be worth claiming money back. The driver is being very polite about it.

Lunch with the new team that formed last week today. Not looking forward to it tbh as the place a team mate enthusiastically suggested yesterday isn’t really my cup of tea.


Changed my mind, having granary toast with Nutella

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morning all :wave:

got a bottle of Frijj on the way to work, reckon that’s as good as today will get.

also, whilst going to the shop to get said bottle of Frijj, i noticed a KFC has opened a few minutes away from my office. i didn’t bring lunch with me today. i can feel a plan forming, although i’m already pretty sure it’s a bad plan.

Don’t forget, friends; today’s the big day. At 3pm GMT, you all have to remember to remind that gnome to buy some dark chocolate digestives. set your alarms now and try your best not to forget, there’s is a lot of at sake involved.


Pretty sure I’m gonna be a pad Thai by the time of next weeks selfie thread