Thuck Off, Thursday

You hear about this kind of thing all the time but you never think it’s going to happen to you - the kettle at work has broken :coffee: :no_entry_sign:

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Was one car back from the front when the blocked the road. Might be on the news.

Greatest everyday biscuits in the world. Especially if you put them in the fridge.

Someone is already hot-footing it to Argos as we speak I believe :sweat: We’ve a lovely coffee shop round the corner from the office mind, might go on a coffee run.

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not sure they’ll make it far enough into the house to reach the fridge, but we’ll see.

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I have a bad cold and I spent all of yesterday in meetings in a basement then went drinking and guess what? I feel like utter, utter shit. Pro-tip: if you’re ill, and are going to the pub, don’t tell your colleagues because it completely destroys your ability to take a sick day.

They apologised while handing me a leaflet though :joy: top, top protesting.

I remember being on my second day of a two day sick leave when I was spotted by one of the support assistants in the pub.

Back at work the next day feeling iller than before.

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That gnome picked up her electric toothbrush, which had been on charge overnight, after her shower and held it in a way I felt obliged to alert her to, compared to the way a compère might hold a microphone. Ever since, she’s been narrating her morning, amplifying her voice via the electric toothbrush.


I will report the fallout later. My Mam rang me last week to ask what topics she shouldn’t bring up, which is a good sign I think.


I booked today off. My plans include.

Getting my haircut
Tidy up a bit
Treat myself to an afternoon beer or two at my local micropub.

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Had really vivid nightmares and night sweats and still shaking having been up for 2 hours. Thanks brain! Thursday.

Turns out that someone is me. Going for this Morphy Richards fella. Happy New Kettle Day everyone!

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How do I clean myself without water. Genuine Q.

Landlords have stupid grating voices. Learn to speak.

I love having bad skin. It’s the best part of not being able to wash properly

Morning DiS

WFH today since my other half is off out to London this afternoon and apparently someone needs to be about to look after the child when he’s back from school. I’m currently listening to some drum’n’bass and thinking about popping out to get a nice coffee.

Back at work for the first time since November 15th.

The plumber has dropped something and smashed up a bit of wooden floor at the bottom of the stairs though so that’s a Silver-lining I’m happier now

They won’t be going in the fridge.