Thuck Off, Thursday

I feel sick and gross urfgghhh

Really wish I was wearing lounge pants and eating a fry up


Hungover af. Why did i get so wrecked last night maaaan. Needed to do stuff today and i’m just being a lazy toad. Ffff.

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Lazy OLD toad.


In about 40 minutes I’ll be living 50% of this dream.

So rubbish. I’d probably just want to move out by this stage!

50% jealous

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I’m about to get back into my lounge pants, have a mini fry up and then make a meatless roast.

100% jealous

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Yeah but did that with my last flat due to other water issues (my flat leaking into someone else’s, so couldn’t use my shower for a good part of 3 months) so kinda sick of that happening haha.

Also @laelfy when this originally started I said I could handle it for 3 months as long as I was getting cheap rent? I was mostly right but yeah, I’m very much at the end of the line now - fuck off out of my room stupid ladder with a bucket on!

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Gonna have to put this on now. What a tune.

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I can’t believe you’ve put up with it this long. Have you considered hanging an umbrella from the ceiling?

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tenor (5)


I mean I’ve been hassling them every week and it’s been “fixed” twice - somehow it just keeps going! Now have my own friendly mould patch though :slight_smile:

Also just realised that it might be down to a leak from the pipes as it gets worse when we put the heating on, rather than just a leak from the roof. So possible light at end of tunnel there?

Save it for…

MY burrito!!!


if it’s been going on that long don’t fuck about any more with the landlord, tell them that if it’s not repaired within 5 working days you’ll be lodging a claim with the First Tier Tribunal, it should hopefully put the shits up them enough to get them to agree to the rent reduction and actually repair it

Fucking hell, R’s dad is being particularly awful today.

Called ‘alt-right punks fuck off!’ I hope?

Sorry, that was mean.