Thumbsday thread


How are you today?

Tired. Been at work since 7.30ish, would have been earlier but I got caught up in a man running around the main road & roundabout trying to get some cows back in a field. Got a first aid course all day so have had to do a day’s worth of work in an hour. Pffffft.


Apparently I’m in 9-5 meeting from now until next Friday (with the weekend off….)

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Also tired. I was having a bad nights sleep anyway and then the smoke detector went off at 3am for no discernible reason. Got the day off today though, so could be worse. About to go for a little run, and then it’s my book club tonight, discussing a book I am only halfway through so it’ll be a sprint read to finish that


Are any films any good?

In the cinema I mean. Might go tonight…

Off until Monday. Got dis drinks with the Glasgow Young Team this weekend :smiling_face:

I’m another year older today. Usually I take my birthday off, but I couldn’t this year as someone is already off. So I’m taking a half day.

It’s also my house mates birthday, so going to cash in some tesco vouchers and go to Prezzo or pizza express.


Happy cakes :birthday: :moon_cake: :fish_cake: :pancakes: :cupcake: :cake:


If ever there was a use for this meme

Can you delegate some of it? Or just literally say ‘no, this is absurd, tell me which the important bit is’?


Happy birthday! @Scout has already filled you up with sweet treats so I will provide the entertainment instead
:mirror_ball::bowling:🪇 :microphone::clinking_glasses::man_dancing:


Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (from the fantastic animated reboot)

Happy Birthday Tony! :cake:

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Morning party people

Another absolute beaut of a day here. I think I pulled a muscle yesterday running in Converse. They really aren’t the right shoes for running in are they?

Anyway, might try for another lunchtime swim. Make hay while the sun shines and all that. Well, not make hay, swim, but y’know.

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The pub it is then

Well, it’s more like a ‘discovery event’ where a load of people sit in a room and talk about what they would like a piece of software to do and I go “lol,no it can’t do that haha”
Really don’t need to be there this early in it though, where are the BA and project managers (they all left), I’m just the dev guy!!

Will pray4u :pray::pray::pray:

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Just answer “technically anything is possible with time and resources” until they ask you to leave.

That’s what our devs do

FAO of @ynot




Well into marmalade at the minute

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Morning. Working from my parents’ place today as my daughter has a dentist appointment near their house. They don’t have a dedicated space for me to work so I’m on the kitchen table amongst the toddler chaos. I expect my back will be in pieces by the end of the day.

Meant to be riding my bike this evening but unsure I will get home in time to meet my friend to do so :confused:

Good-achey and it’s shorts weather so going in to titillate the bookshop