Thumbsday thread

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And in conclusion, the period before I started was fine, but pales in comparison to everything after Rich (AR), and now you’ll understand why I’m wearing a ‘pay rise’ T-shirt


Why do people, when someone has a cough or cold, go

“Oh something’s definitely going around”


“everybody’s suffering”

when they’re definitely fucking not. weird imo

Tired. Little 'un is not sleeping great atm, waking 2-3 times in the night, just wants mummy and not me :frowning:

I have had two dreams in the past couple of weeks where I played bass for the Strokes but they didn’t last long enough to see the mess I made

I don’t play bass in real life, maybe the universe is telling me to pick up a new hobby

Those two little twins on This Morning just now…

even my heart melted

Happy birthday :tada::gift::birthday::balloon::partying_face:


stress work thing was fine, silly man

listening to PJ Harvey ahead of deciding whether to commit to her new tour

seeing very promising (lol) flat later on

probs seeing @Witches after that, week highlight


got a good marmalade marg recipe



:smiley: didn’t actually read this before I made my thread.

But I think you’ll find it is going round.

seems to be the usual result, the brain still decides to go into panic mode anyway lol

It’s good like that. I had a big wobble last night :grinning:

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Was playing with Misty and she was chasing one of her wheels, and it got bumped into the air and hit her on the back of the head, she was totally seeing stars for a minute like :face_with_spiral_eyes::face_with_spiral_eyes::face_with_spiral_eyes: my poor baby I feel like the worst mother ever

Morning all. Had a great time seeing Xiu Xiu last night. Won’t be doing much work today. I have spent the morning playing with Albert, who now pants when you really tire him out. So he’s gained this new expression:



glad he’s doing well

reading the gig thread, got fomo at not seeing XX in the 100-200 person venue here :smiley:

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its got cold, what the fuck June

Accidents happen! Mistys probably forgotten about it already :dog:

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Yeh she’s barking and running like no one’s business!

Anyway, the funniest thing about today is the fact that I’ve antibantsed myself into having a guitar lesson this afternoon. I have not picked up my guitar since 2009 and I didn’t know how to play it before. Plus the teacher is really cute :woozy_face:


Throwing a sickie cos I’m supposed to give a presentation in the office and i can’t hack seeing loads of colleagues atm. Probably not good for me but oh well