Thumping Thursday

Boom boom boom

All about today; rainbow dress, it’s coming home, kids could stay up as they are isolating so can roll out of bed at 5 to 9 for any work they may be set.

How’s about my diser delights??


Already up. Debating ordering a maccies breakfast


Morning :wave:

Same as for the previous five days: more decorating today. Got to take the final sash window out and give it a spruce up - gonna pop to Wickes first.

If Sash! ever fell on hard times, he could launch his own glazing company called Sash Windows and



Wickes…oooh the entry level professional DIY store before you go full Screwfix.

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Morning slicky, jordan, c_c_b. Bin day today. Woke up much earlier than planned after two strong beers last night so I’m making the best of it: off to the local nature reserve for the quiet time when it opens, then the supermarket and back home in time for my new socks to be delivered.

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Was my saviour when my toilet seat broke two days into Lockdown 1. GBODIY.

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Yes! They don’t sell parting beads save it for Thursday etc in B&Q


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning. Woke up easily this morning which has happened maybe 3 times in my life, its nice and sunny too, and it should be my day off. Instead I’m off to give a presentation I know nothing about in a basement meeting room for the entire day.

Luckily no one I work with knows anything about it either so I’ve got a slight advantage on them at least.



Nice morning and forecast looks good.

Usual plan of action - take dog for a walk and then go for a bike ride once the drink drivers have sobered up.

Bit o housework this afternoon.

Morning all. Didn’t drink last night but treating myself to an 830 start nonetheless.

It’s coming home,
It’s coming home,
It’s coming
Football’s coming home

:pleading_face: :sob: :heart_eyes: :pray:


What a lovely poem, is that Keats?


Couldn’t find any suitable fishing lodges or secluded cottages for the weekend so I think I might disconnect my router until Monday and flush my phone down the toilet


Yes, you got it! It’s a classic Romantic poem.

(Genuinely better than anything fucking Wordsworth wrote)


Alright? Gonna go and sell some beer then come home (like football) and make a lasagna. That’s all.

Besides it coming home, I’m making my grandparents dinner tonight and need to tidy my flat (eek).

Oh really?

The glory and the freshness of a dream.
It is not now as it hath been of yore;—
Turn wheresoe’er I may,
By night or day.
The things which I have seen I now can see no more …

Seems appropriate after last night

M9 I did an English degree (because I love Brexit and the Queen) so I’m an absolute authority on the quality of literature, Three Lions shites on all Wordsworth’s poxy efforts.


Have to get the train today to meet my boss and 1 remaining colleague for lunch at Wetherspoons. Cba.